Best time to trade

It’s hard to predict the best time to trade because you are not God. You can’t know what is going to be. But it’s better to start monitoring the market early in the morning. Thus, you will have more chance to enter the market successfully.
I think the best time to trade is when there's an opportunity. But also, you can look for active hours during major trading sessions (e.g., London and New York overlaps). And avoid weekends and be cautious during major economic releases.
I also think that such question as what is the best time to trade is quite individual. The simpliest answer to this question sounds like this: when you feel like trading.
The best time to open a deal is when the trading plan is ready and all the goals and risks are calculated. The beginning of London sessions are usually the best time to start trading, in my opinion.
The best times to trade depend entirely on what currency pairs you are focusing on. If you are focused on the major currency pairs due to liquidity and volatility requirements, you would be best to trade during the New York trading session.

As we are UK based, we tend to focus on the London trading session which comes with the benefit of overlapping with the New York trading session.

This presents plenty of opportunities with tight spreads (low costs)!
London Session overlapping New York is the most volatile session with an average movement of roughly 70 pips gives a good opportunity, however, trading in a dynamic market also has potential risk as another consideration