a scam ?



I tryed a new ROBOT recomended by Mickael Freeman. However the ROBOT did not work i stoped it.
I order withdaval of the amount left. Binarybook chat told me i can not make any withdraval before i talk too the acount manager. I just informed them i can not talk soo just send the money.

Soo on may 9 they make a WITHDRAVAL from my creditcard the same amount they suppose too pay me only 216 usd.
On may 12 they deposit back the 216 usd too the creditcard.

Now when i askeing the money BinaryBook said they already paid me. I try too explain for them they get 216 usd from me first soo they just pay me back. I want the 216 usd back.

I can not make chargeback of the 216 usd the creditcard says it is paid back.

Soo they paying me with money they stole from me acount.
Have another talk with the fraud department at your bank. Explain exactly how much money you sent out and how much you got back from these scammers.

I had another email from Binary Book they said they paid me. Problem are they paid me with me own money. I send mail too Nettteller asked them too refound the 216 usd if they can not i will refound the initial deposit. I just wait answer from them.

I also bougth domainnames and Binarybook,uk i will build websites soo when trades search hit my sites i will put them as scam.
I just bring up the websites but not complete yet. Need too bee fixed the search engien and complete the websites. and Binarybook,uk

I also send email too they invite too FPA forum. Since i send the email no respond at all from them.

I receved also recived the customer file for soo now i can send information too all customer off
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The FPA is uncertain if the complaint here is from the same person who complained at or not.
Quite talking about details you have and get them all posted. Sunlight is the best disinfectant!