Business Choice Partners Group, bcpgltd, is a SCAM!


everyone would make himself suspicious by posting such things! Even I would make myself very suspicious if I would post the phone number of a scammer and claim that it is the HK police! I would loose all the respect here immediately! So this is nothing personal here!

So please take a screenshot of the email where you got the phone number you posted here and share it with us!
But this email I can't share it with others. Because of this email is Restricted.

The Punisher

JAPANESE-3 said:

FPA Forums Team

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If you read the thread, you will see that Nancy made a typo when she wrote "UK" police instead of HK police.

Not all scammers have perfect English. Not all scam victims have perfect English. Nancy's IPs all show as non-proxy IPs in Europe.

Instead of violating forum rules against uncivilised behavior, the proper actions would have been...

1. Report the suspicious behavior.

2. Publicly and politely question the suspicious behavior.

3. Contact the HK police and ask them about the phone number. Post the information they give you.

Members are permitted to change their privacy settings. More than one FPA member has increased their privacy level after a public attack like this.


Not all scammers have perfect English. Not all scam victims have perfect English. Nancy's IPs all show as non-proxy IPs in Europe.

Hi @FPA Forums Team there is no way to be sure that is 100% accurate to know it is a non-proxy server, they can spoof headers for HTTP forwards. These guys are professionals. I know I was a bit rude, but I get pretty work up when I see something very suspicious. And everything from that person is very suspicious, the similar writing patterns and mistakes as the scammers, the suspicious link, back stories doesn't add up. I will be more civilized next time.

FPA Forums Team Note: Please check out that phone number. Please also note that the language errors are common to speakers of Chinese and related languages. Many of these scams target Chinese and English speakers, so someone who writes similarly to them is only modestly suspicious. If the phone number is legitimate, then there will be no reason to be suspicious of Nancy.


I had a Skype call with Nancy just now. She showed me all the email and even showed me her business website. She showed me her true identity. I don't think she would do this if she would be a scammer.
It's very likely that we overreacted and accused the wrong person.
Nancy is a nice chinese woman who got scammed like the most of us.
I apologize.