Elliott Wave, using MACD to determine the wave level, with and only unique


Many friends who study waves will encounter bottlenecks after a certain period of time. The wave level.
In this article, I explain the level of waves with a very simple MACD principle
This method is not completely accurate。But as a reference method, it can save time and cost to a great extent.
Wave as a large frame structure, many details are not perfect. Elliott waves principle keyto market behavior's wave detail processing is just a reference direction, and there is a certain probability in practical application.
Learning waves requires reading a variety of books to integrate a lot of knowledge and supplement the framework of waves

1.Current level 5 wave structure,MACD draw back 0 line,once divergence
1)2 and 4 wave tail MACD draw back 0 line
2)3 wave energy is the strongest
3)5 wave with and only unique once divergence

Small level

Large level

If the market deviates from many times, then the current wave level is small
If the market starting point is not near the macd 0 line, then the current wave level is too large

2.Current level ABC structure
1)A wave MACD returns to the 0 line or crossing 0 line
2)B wave hovers near MACD 0 line,The end of Bc must be pulled back near 0 line
3)Comparison of C wave and a wave,The energy of MACD is obviously weakened.Reference MACD red and green column area

PS:In irregular ABC structure(Bwave over 1wave crest,C wave is higher than A wave),In the current level of MACD,C wave must return to the 0 line.

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