Exposing JQL Markets, Zero Time Point (ZTP), Prize Markets, Sengela Trding, AmbrySun, ATMarkets, Hota International

The Punisher

Some of these companies are new and some have already been reported however these fake companies are being ran by three main individuals and this is an attempt to get everything into a single thread. If you have been scammed by these companies please reply to this thread as I am in contact with other victims and we are exploring a legal avenue inside China

Websites used to commit Investment Fraud
Sengela Trding Limited - active
AmbrySun (aka Ambry Trding co. Limited) – active but the financial certifications listed are fake
Prize Capital Limited (aka Prize Markets) – active new
Zero Time Point Co. Limited (aka ZTP) – active new
JQL Markets – active new, but the financial certifications listed are fake
ATMarkets Limited - recently registered, likely the next website to scam with
Hota International Co. Limited - recently registered, likely the next website to scam with
Fortune Way HK Limited
Traders Group Limited
Golden 365 Days Co. Limited
HK Golden Crown Trading Limited
Golden Day Profit (aka Golden Day Profit Kamyip Co. Ltd)

MT4/5 Server
SunRoc Industrial Live – consistent server each of these fake companies use in order to manipulate the signals, charts, etc.

Bank Accounts Used (there are many more accounts used, these are the main accounts)
Hang Seng Bank – Hong Kong; Account Number 789178142883
Wing Lung Bank – Hong Kong; Account Number 60181169823
Wing Hang Bank – Shenzhen; Account Number 867591200004005
HSBC – Hong Kong; Account Number 808666382838
Bank of China – Hong Kong; Account Number 61120070586
HSBC – Guangzhou Branch; Account Number NRA009210634055 & NRA 009210691055
Standard Chartered Bank; Account Number 501511344373

Fake Registrations
These various fake companies have claimed or are claiming to be regulated by the US NFA, HK SFC and/or Canada Securities Commission and will publish counterfeit certificates and registration numbers on their websites. This information is not true and is used solely to mislead investors.

Main Forms of Contact
WhatsApp, Wechat, Tinder, other dating sites.
Most of the websites do not have phone numbers or other forms of contact other than a general email address. The website for JQL Markets has a phone number listed for Canada although these guys are scammers and will mainly give you the run around.
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Liping Wu and Hao Fu are two of the main bosses behind the scenes. Someone was careless on the business registration shown below and listed their home address in Covina California which is still valid/accurate when searching public records in the US!