FBS scam alert warning. Owes millions to client.


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fbs.com(Finance Brokerage Services) closed my account on March 15th 2019 and is refusing to pay over a million dollars worth of funds in the account.
FBS was formerly known as Poltek FX - a company labelled as a scammer who fleeced it's customers until it was eventually shut down.

I registered with FBS a little under two years ago and successfully grew my account. After i made some successfully withdrawals FBS disabled my account citing verification as the initial reason. Since then the accusations have grown wild and varied. But when nothing they threw my way stuck, they at last acknowledged defeat, confirmed how much i had in my account and promised to pay.

I wanted them to transfer the funds directly to my bank account via wire. And that opened up a new can of worms. During my initial battle with FBS i lost my initial method of deposit via Skrill. The large amounts of money i received from FBS had triggered a review and strangely Skrill no longer wanted me as a customer. I have my suspicions about this ... but i cannot substantiate them, so i will not speak about that.

FBS then seized this and brought up old grievances they had already cleared me off. They are trying to ignore the fact that they've already done their investigations, cleared me and agreed to pay.

I have evidence of everything and have included them as attachments. Note that there was absolutely no dispute about how much i had in my account. The dispute FBS is claiming is that I'm not entitled to it!
Primarily because i logged in with several devices and this was not a normal habit for me. (I login from my mobile telephone and laptop).

Also multiple IP addresses, short login time( when not at home I logged in quickly sometimes to check my trades while on the train, while in cafes, etc) Some times these place/ devices had software/routers/VPN that masked my IP address.

The point with the above accusations is that they say i l gave access of my account to others. (Who in their right minds would allow another access to over a million dollar account!)

They've cited money laundering etc ( can't really launder money if they don't give it to me. So that's stupid)

Anyways all these accusation they already dd their investigation, cleared me and agreed to pay.
When they refused to pay, i engaged a lawyer who was going to shut down the company. But I was stupid, impatient and warned them about what was happening...


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I've copied the relevant emails in sequence that show the verification issues, the accusations, closing my account after investigations but clearing me of any wrong doings. Then agreeing to pay.

Lana (FBS)

Jul 18, 18:38 AST

Dear Mr. Dorian Gryffyn,

We hereby confirm that your account was disabled and all orders in in progress were closed on July 18, 2018 at 10-25 AM MT4 server time at current market prices.
According to the Customer Agreement clause 8.1.5 Client’s accounts may be terminated in the following cases:
c) The Company has reasonable grounds to believe that the Client willingly provided access to his accounts to third parties.

Closing balance on your trading accounts is 1 123 611,9 USD.
Further, we must complete the procedure of verifying your passport with HMPO. In order to do so we will provide you with a form of consent to personal data processing so that we could make an official request to HMPO.
As soon as we have an official approval from HMPO you will be able to make a withdrawal via the same method and to the same payment details that were used for deposit.

FBS Support

Dorian Gryffyn

Jul 18, 15:54 AST

FBS initially disabled trading on my account about a month and a half ago for some superfluous reason. They asked me to pass verification again.

Since then they’ve asked for every document under the sun and I’ve given it to them – even selfies

They’ve wasted my time and money getting documents certified and apostilles posted to them.

They’ve accused me of terrorist acts, falsifying documents, money laundering and more – I’ve also been accused of operating another account while in Latvia by another FBS customer. Not my device. Never been to Latvia but I have a friend that regularly travels to that region; I introduced him to trading and recommended FBS. Makes sense I would also try and teach him but They’ve chosen to completely misunderstand this.

The last thing I was told to submit to them is actually supposed to reach them today or at least by the 20th https://t.17track.net/en#nums=RR795900187SE

I already suspected that because I became too successful, they hoped they could make my account blow out if they disabled trading. When that didn’t happen and I didn’t request for my accounts to be closed. They then chose to be as obnoxious and difficult as possible. Make up suspicious claims that can be easily explained. Complain about the “colour” of the ink I used to sign my passport! Claiming it was issued irregularly. Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) is still the one that issued it – not me. They don’t even understand they’ve just accused the British Embassy of illegal dealings.

FBS WROTE on july 11th : After all the required documents will be provided and reviewed and we will be completely sure that your documents are in fact in order and valid, your account will be verified. They asked for documents certified at my embassy and bank statements. Which was sent via registered post same day.

But an hour ago when the pair I was trading broke down in my favor, they immediately disabled my account 18th of July 2018 at 11.00 am GMT +2. GBPUSD price at the time 1.3029. I immediately contacted FBS and made a note of that including the extreme highest GPUSD travelled after my account was disabled was 1.3045.

But based on the info I have obtained from support I’ve been able to gather that they disabled my account so I wouldn’t be able to track how much they would steal from me. From their accounts it seems like fbs will steal 20,000 usd each of my lesser accounts. 6 in total! … and nearly 50,000 usd on my main account. That is 170,000 usd total.

For the last week I’ve been writing mails, chatting with support and been told to wait for a manager to respond. But I haven’t gotten or heard anything back. I’ve written five emails in the last week with no response… this will be the sixth.

Why is Metatrader displaying account disabled… and why can I no longer see my trades?

Why has FBS stressed me out, made me go through all this …only to disable my account?!

What did you mean by this: “After all the required documents will be provided and reviewed and we will be completely sure that your documents are in fact in order and valid, your account will be verified.”


Sent from Mail<https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=550986> for Windows 10

From: FBS Support <support@fbs.com>
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2018 6:19:43 PM
To: Dorian Gryffyn
Subject: [Inquiry received] TO LANA FBS SUPPORT


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And the email ... that confirms that everything checked out OK despite all their enqueries/accusations

Lana (FBS)

Sep 4, 09:56 AST


Please be informed that we have received confirmation of your passport verification.
Your FBS account is now verified. Withdrawal can be processed via the same system and payment details that were used for deposit.
Once again, we are sorry that verification process took such a long time and caused inconvenience to you.
Thank you for understanding and for being cooperative during the whole procedure.


Lana (FBS)

Aug 16, 16:17 AST


I hope you are feeling better now.
Yes, everything is correct, as stated.
Verification is in progress, we are awaiting for Verifile to provide a conclusion.
As soon as I have an update, I will inform you.



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Note that Although my account had been disabled last year in june. By sept. it was agreed that my account was in the clear despite the accusations thrown my way which had been cleared up!
That Sept4 message that i can now withdraw would not have been sent . Here are the accusations that they listed before sept 4

Lana (FBS)

Jul 11, 11:32 AST


We have received the document sent by you. However, the signature on this document is blue, while Her Majesty`s Passport Office (HMPO) clearly states that the signature must be black.
Therefore we believe that the passport was not issued in an orderly manner. Moreover, we have not received any explanation why your trading account is operated from different countries, from several different devices, including the device through which you are connected to other trading accounts registered by another FBS client from Latvia.
Furthermore, according to the MONEY LAUNDERING AND TERRORISM (PREVENTION) ACT, which we are legally obliged to follow:
- №15: Reporting entities to identify and verify identity of customer:

(1) Reporting entities shall establish the identity and verify the identity of any customer of the reporting entity by requiring the customer to produce an identification record or such other reliable, independent source document as the Minister may prescribe.

(2) The requirements of subsection (1) of this section, shall apply when,

(a) a reporting entity establishes a business relationship;

(b) in the absence of such a relationship, a reporting entity conducts,

(i) any transaction in an amount equal to or above the sum of fifteen thousand dollars or such other amount as may from time to time be prescribed by the Minister, whether conducted as a single transaction or several transactions that appear to be linked and where the amount of the transaction is unknown at the time of the transaction, the identification and verification shall be undertaken as soon as the amount becomes known or the said threshold is reached;

(ii) any wire transfers as set out in section 19 of this Act;

(c) there is a suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing; or

(d) the reporting entity has doubts about the veracity or adequacy of previously obtained customer identification data.

(3) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1) of this section, a reporting entity shall,

(4) If it appears to a reporting entity that an applicant requesting it to enter into any business relationship or transaction, whether or not in the course of a continuing business relationship, is acting on behalf of another person, the reporting entity shall establish the true identity of any person on whose behalf or for whose ultimate benefit the applicant may be acting in the proposed transaction, whether as a trustee, nominee, agent or otherwise.

Considering all that, we hereby inform you that your account and your documents will be subject to additional examination, since we have reason to believe that your documents may be counterfeit.
For the purpose of further review we request a valid British passport to be certified in the British Embassy in Sweden, the certified copy should be apostilled in the British Embassy in Sweden as well.
Upon receiving a properly issued passport we will provide you with a consent form for checking your passport at Her Majesty's Passport Office (HMPO), which you should sign and send us the original along with the scanned copy.
In addition we need an official bank account statement for the last 6 months with your name and address stated in it, or proof of payment for electricity or landline phone (utility bill) with your address and name as well.
After all the required documents will be provided and reviewed and we will be completely sure that your documents are in fact in order and valid, your account will be verified.

FBS support


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you need to attach the images of the email from your email account. SnagIt allows scrolling or panoramic screenshots.

Also attach a screenshot of your account statement showing at least some of the amount you are owed.


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I've attached screenshots of statements


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snagit image capture of emails


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