Hello my name is Nathan and I'm very new to forex


I wonder if you all could help me!? I am very new to forex and I have done a lot of research on it before committing to depositing money in an account, I was going to use avafx but have read a few bad review about them, whether they are true or not I am not sure. could anyone please suggest a good honest company that I can deposit money through ? I need a company that has fully working software and has very good (English speaking) customer service too. After using several demo versions of forex trader I truely feel this could be a great asset for me yet I also feel that the companies offering the demos are more interested in profiting from me rather than helping me profit for both myself and them. So if you have found the perfect trader company to work with please suggest them to me or if you would like to point out some bad ones to avoid then again please do let me know. Thank you for listening and please comment back :)