HYCM does not withdraw profits. Fraud warning.


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Why is it so
so the fact of the matter is that I opened only one position - in growth. only one, do you understand? I did not open positions in different directions. the screenshots show. and that's why I say that I didn't break the rules.
if HYCM can provide evidence that I have taken bi-directional positions - let it do it. you are welcome! I'll wait for their response and proof of the violation here! and I will be very happy if the company writes at least something in this thread. but they won't because their actions are fraudulent and they have stolen my profits. people should be careful not to trade with them, because if they can make money, they simply will not withdraw the profit!
- Алло! Меня зовут Николай Курышев и у меня были счета в ГИКМ под номерами: 620001551, 620001552, 620001553, 220003197, 620001554, 620001555, 620001556, 220003211, 620001563, 620001564.
28 октября 2020 года я открыл несколько сделок с акциями компании" Pinterest " В вышеупомянутой компании HYCM. 29 октября 2020 года я закрыл свои позиции с прибылью около 43 000 долларов. Затем я сделал два запроса на вывод средств на сумму 9 200 евро и 1 265 000 рублей. 30 октября 2020 года, примерно в 11: 00 по московскому времени, мои запросы на вывод средств были отменены, а моя прибыль-аннулирована. Тогда эта компания прислала письмо, в котором обвинила меня в нарушении некоторых правил и заявила, что они разрывают со мной договорные отношения. также в этом письме сообщалось, что моя прибыль аннулируется и мне будет возвращена только та сумма, которую я ранее внес на счет этой компании. В свою очередь, я хочу заявить, что не нарушал никаких правил и компания HYCM незаконно аннулировала мою прибыль. У меня есть скриншоты и видео, чтобы доказать, что я честен. В частности, на видео запечатлен момент получения прибыли и закрытия позиций. В свою очередь, ГИКМ не предоставил мне никаких доказательств моего нарушения правил. Исходя из вышеизложенного, я прошу Вашего содействия в разрешении этого спора и помощи в выплате мне всей суммы прибыли, полученной от HYCM.
Nikolai Kuryshev, please pardon my curiousity, but why did you pretend to speak Russian and have it for native language in the beginning of this thread?
I don’t have time for scoffing either. This is why I ask @FxMaster and other FPA moderators to note that the topic starter is using a fake identity to post here.
Without making any claims about the discussed issue with a brokerage (I don’t know whether the situation is real or not) I can tell for sure that Nikolai Kuryshev is a fake personality. This user has also got multiple accounts at FPA. The documents that were used to open accounts with a brokerage have likely been fake too.

I have several proofs to justify my claims. I attached the screenshot for each point.

1. As a native Russian speaker, I know with 100% confidence that no person that speaks Russian will ever start a conversation on a forum with "Алло!".This word is used as a greeting when you pick up the phone. I've noticed this ‘Алло’ at first glance, as it’s NEVER used for any other purpose and it’s VERY strange to use it to start a forum post. A further look gave me some other proofs that some automatic translation service was used to do the first post in a thread in Russian. For example, HYCM was automatically transliterated into "ГИКМ" too.

2. Nikolai Kuryshev has another account Nikolay Kuryshev at FPA, which he used 9 months ago to accuse some other broker of a similar issue. This post has also used some really weird Russian words. For example, “дельцы” are normally not used in a modern language but could be a bug related to automatic translation services. I’m even don’t know the exact same word in English, as it is not used in Russian now.
Here is the profile I’m talking about
According to the FPA terms users are not allowed to have more than one account withoput the permission of FPA management.

3. Nikolai Kuryshev often leaves feedback about other brokers on the Internet (mostly on russian websites). At one of the other forums Nikolai Kuryshev used a female voice to write a review. Some other user has noted that with an exclamation mark, bringing attention to the obviously fake user. Nikolai is a male name and the difference between male and female voice is rather significant in Russian. It was not used accidentally, it was used because the user does not know Russian and uses a fake Russian name and identity.
By the way, Nikolay promoting a 24 news trade broker in this fake review. I checked the reviews about this broker on russian and researched some industry media. It seems to be scam brokerage...
There are many other reviews written about other brokers by Nikolai Kuryshev. I see no point listing them all here.

Once again. I don’t know what has exactly happened between the HYCM broker and this user. Nevertheless, it is absolutely clear that there is enough evidence to claim that the person has started this thread with lies about his own identity. If he registered an account with the broker using the same fake ID, this shouldn’t be a surprise that the broker returned the invested funds but refused to further cooperate with this user.

Don’t insult the FPA spirit with your lies, Nikolai, or whatever your real name is. People come here to find the truth. Starting the thread with total lies is not the best idea to fit in the FPA community.


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