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Problem I am facing problem to get my withdrawal from FineCapitals.

I am having an issue with a company
Sir please help me I am very poor i took all these from my friend as loan and invested with them but they are scammers I promised I will give you half of all these money . please help me now I have three hundred fifty in my account and withdraw one hundred fifty already but still did not receive I promise I will give you half of it

Sir please help me to take out my money.

--> How much total did you deposit with these guys? $100 USD total? or was it more than that?

--> How much total have you successfully withdrawn in the past?

--> Have you invited the company to this thread yet?

--> Have you written a review of the company yet? https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/fore...-review?utm_term=FineCapitals.com&per-page=50
I deposited 100$ only.
I haven't refunded a single rupee yet because they don't refund.
No I am not inviting them to this thread they will block my account.
No I have not written a review.

Broker link.

I am attaching the all screen shots.


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do you have a screenshot of this threat?
Why would you want to continue with such a broker?

what are you waiting for?
I just want to take my 100$ back .
My two withdraws are still in processing.
I haven't taken any withdraw yet.


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