i can not get my IB fund withdrawal, need help


I need help. I am a registered IB 81756 with alpari-forex.com and our business has been going fully without any problems since 2010 January. I must say that the requirement upon signing up for IB partner with alpari then was that I need to have three active clients who must have traded for one good month before I can make withdrawal from my IB account.

I meant this requirement since last January 2010 and I have been making withdrawal every month without any hindrance even down to the end of year 2010. I continue to be enjoying withdrawal from my IB account every month even when I am having only one active client under my partner account at the end of every month. I have the necessary document to support my claims to this effect.

I do not stop at this, I continue the good business with alpari-forex.com and in the month of January 2011, I had two active clients under my IB account 81756 and later request for the withdrawal of my IB partner account early February. I was made to know that I need to get one more active client to make it three active clients under my IB partner account before I can make
withdrawal. I was even made to know that my ID and utility bill need to be forwarded before I can get the fund withdrawal in the month of March.

Thus, I uploaded my valid ID card and utility bill in my client’s portal area which was later confirmed to me in my email. I made every concerted effort to introduce one more clients to make it three active clients trading under my IB account in the month of February. That implies, I had two active clients in the month of January and three active clients in the month of Febuary. In March 1 2011, I forwarded a requested for withdrawal of my IB fund which has accumulated to $9840, and I was made to know that I can not make withdrawal again. I requested for the reason behind it and they started giving me flimsy excuse that the percentage generated by a client in my partner account is too much and that until this fund in percentage is reduce; I can not get my withdrawal fund.

Infact I do not understand their stance as this was not part of the condition before we started the business since 2010 that enable me to get fund withdraw every month. The painful aspect of it is that they have just forwarded an email to me that my IB fund will be remove from my IB account. I considered this as a deliberate attempt to frustrate me of my hard earning with alpari since this is the first time I have worked so hard to generate $9840 in my IB account.

I want to inform you that they claim to have amended their regulation as regard IB regulation. They never at any time forward me prior notification as regards changes in their IB regulation if not now that they are just telling me as the reason why I can not make withdraw from my IB account. Another latest excuse is that the IP that trades the account is the same to my IB account. I considered this as a deliberate attempt to deny me of my hard earns money. For your information, they have threatened me that the daily commission to my IB account will be stop.

Please, I need help from you on how to get my IB fund withdrawn from alpari-forex.com.