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Hi everybody!
I have a same issue with these companies, i-coin, citrex, livesmarkets.io, as other members posted here like Lorand Borzasi, and I've get lost. I had the same scenario but the difference is that I have no experience in trading at all, thus I was a potential victim for them. All I wanted was only to learn and see how it works with a small amount of deposit, 250 EUR, but it ended with plus 4500 and plus 5000 bonus within 2 days!! They guided my through this process as trading guide through zoom meeting and it was told by them how, what and where I should do. Of course, we lost and remain 4000 EUR under they guidance. Now, I'm seeking for solution for this issue and, of course, tried to get back my deposit what remained but they refused my claim.
do you have any evidence that you can upload (here or in dropbox/google drive, etc)? like the zoom meeting video, copy of trading records, screenshots, etc.?????????????

Also, have you read this notice yet:

And finally, since you want to giveaway so much, can you donate some funds tp my paypal or neteller? even just 50-100 EUR would be a good start. 100% voluntary, of course. But it goes to people who actually fight these things.
Yes, I have some proof but for now I can show the trading record and the trading plan what I printed out what is telling everything how they treat they costumers.


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If somebody would help me to understand why a difference between an open - and closed position has smaller price then my lost in a given trading, would make me happy. Let see one example. I have a deposit in EUR and I open a sell position with 25EUR and trading with ETH/USD. The open price let say, 189.9981USD and it close when it reach my stop loss 25EUR limit. Its happened when it arrived to 193.1617USD. My question is. How it makes sense, the difference between my loss (25EUR) and the currency change 189.9981-193.1617=-3.1636USD??? My loss is 25EUR but the difference is only appr. 3USD. How could it be??? Please, help me to understand this issue.
Hello everybody,
It doesn't seems to have anyone interested in about I-coin scam and the issue what I posted before. They trading platform works strangely and i don't know that it's because either I'm so far beginner or they manipulate their trading platform. I'm very desperate and I have to find a legal authority to report this issue. I suspended the trade with them, its a black hole and I don't want to risk more.
If you suspect foul play, the first thing you do is start screen recording. The second thing you do is STOP trading with the problem broker. Because only you can be responsible for your trading decisions.

Very good chance the platform is rigged. so you depositing/trading more is probably a foolish thing to do.

Now tomorrow evening you can invite the company to this thread:

Also leave a review here: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/17038/i-coin.io-cryptocurrencies-broker

Let's see how @Live Markets Support responds then.
Thank's your help, I'll do it in Monday. I already suspended the trade with them and I don't have screen record apps. but I have enough proof, doc. and data against them.
The OP has invited the company to this discussion on Mar 16, 2020 at 7:44 AM
Dear Gucin,

Thank you for informing us of your dissatisfaction in our services.

Kindly note that it is our aim to ensure that our clients receive superior services and ensuring a seamless customer service experience.

Please contact our customer support team so that they can obtain the full and complete details of your complaint and assist you with resolving the issues.

Kind Regards

i - Coin
I've contacted to the support service but they refused my claim. I think my offer was fair, based on the experience with your service. I can take responsibility what I've done and I claim the same from your side. I don't want to repeat myself but if its need I can present the issues with your company service and I can prove it all.
Best regards