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Problem Iforex.com-cannot withdraw fund

I am having an issue with a company

Manish D Pujari

I have requested for refund from IForex to my card and they said they processed the refund however I do not see any refund transaction from Iforex to my card. Hence I called Iforex after almost 30 days and they have given me two ARN no and asked me to contact my bank to track the Fund. I called my Bank and they could not track through the give ARN no and asked me to get the Telegraphic transfer copy (TT copy) from Iforex if they have done any such transaction. Hence I called my account manager and he refused to give the TT copy, instead asked me to get email from my bank stating that they cannot track fund through ARN nos . I requested my Bank to send me that email and they sent me mail stating that they cannot track the fund with ARN no and they require the TT copy to investigate. I forwarded my Bank email to my account manager and since then he is not calling me or reverting me in spite of sending several mails. I have even sent mail to compliance department and there is no revert and I am helpless now , please do not invest with Iforex
please do not invest with Iforex
Before rushing into conclusion I think it will be fair to ask them to join this thread.
Not answering you is giving Iforex a negative credit point and probably their customer service is not so good, yet, sometimes ARN transactions are taking too long and its because the credit card companies.
I agree. Send an email to your account manager and anyone else you have an address for at iForex. Invite them to come to this thread to explain the delay.
Well, you can also submit your review to iForex FPA review page then invite them to answer you.
i have already invited them to join this thread, money was taken from my debit card and it is over 2 months now, do you think it takes such delay, al;so they are not letting me know on which acct it has been xferred and the not willing to give me copy of Telegraphic transfer
How come they accepted money from your card but sending you back to your bank account? this doens't make any sense and against some anti-money laundering rules