It's Censorship! Why does the FPA Moderate Reviews?

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Why does the FPA moderate reviews?

I would love it if the FPA didn’t have to moderate reviews. It takes a large amount of time and causes many arguments. If all reviews submitted really were real reviews by real clients, there would be much less need for moderation. Here are some of the main reasons why the FPA has to check each and every review submitted…

Some reviews are NOT reviews. Reviews are supposed to be about dealing with the reviewed company. “Has anyone tried this company yet?” is not a review. You would probably be surprised how often this comes in for a company with over 50 reviews. “Hey reviewer who posted long ago, did you get your money?” isn’t likely to get a response. “Hey company, do you accept credit cards?” is a support question which needs to be sent directly to the company. Without moderation, items like these would make it harder to find the real reviews by real clients.

Followup reviews need to be merged. If the original review isn’t merged into the followup, this would allow one person to “vote” on the rating multiple times just by adding more information. The rule is One Trader, One Vote. Currently, merging is done manually.

Some traders try to cheat. No matter how a trader feels about a favorite or least favorite forex company, everyone here wants the trader to leave a review. If a trader decides to love or hate a company so much that “extra” reviews get submitted under different names, that’s review spam. A few of these may slip through, but most are caught. When that happens, the best the spammer can hope for is all the reviews being removed. If you cheat, you lose your right to vote.

Some companies try to cheat. I never cease to amazed at how some company employees or owners will try to give the company a string of 4 or 5 star reviews. When they get caught, most deny it or come up with unbelievable excuses. CLICK HERE to learn what happens when the FPA catches an employee leaving fake "client" reviews.

Without moderation, the best ratings would go to the most dishonest companies who hire spammers to post the most fake 5 star reviews for themselves and the most fake 1 star reviews for their competitors. I don't think any honest trader looking for an honest company wants this to happen.

Some reviews are pure spam. Spammers have submitted reviews with their affiliate or IB links, both on the reviewed company’s page as well as other pages. If the FPA’s reviews weren’t moderated, the range of products on any review page would expand. Every forex review page would contain dozens of “reviews” for fake designer clothing, online prescription drug sales, adult websites, stolen credit cards, and more.

As long as I’m in charge of the FPA’s reviews, I’ll do everything I can to keep the reviews as fair and honest as possible.

Some people claim that moderating reviews is censorship. If you still think so, CLICK HERE and read this thread to see a small sample of the useless things I and my team have kept out of the reviews. If you want to see that sort of thing all over review pages, you’ve come to the wrong website.

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