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Some people complain that the Forex Peace Army moderates reviews and won't post anything that comes pouring out of their keyboards. The people who answer the main email keep forwarding complaints to me and the rest of the review moderation team about this.

Most reviews that are submitted do get posted. Others don't.

We are human. We do make mistakes. However, the review moderators job is to try to keep review spammers from overwelming our reviews with hundreds of fake reviews. We also try to keep completely useless reviews from cluttering up the review pages.

Some of the reviews we get are just so amazingly bad. I've asked the rest of the team to leave them in the queue for me to have fun with so that we can all enjoy them.
Normally, I won't identify the company involved, but here it will be necessary.

This exceptional example of human intellect submitted a "new" site and left this review

From South Carolina, April 27th, No Rating...


Hey Felix, Where are the reveiws on this site. Why is it not even available for reveiw. I personally submitted this site over a month ago. I guess it is because they are paying you for advertising. I guess you are now officially a forex bastard yourself.

For the record, TradeViewForex.com has been advertising with the Forex Peace Army for the last month or so. We do not endorse our advertisers or treat their reviews any differently than anyone elses. If we did, we would lose all credibility and then no one would buy ads with us.

The best part of this is that I personally deleted this guy's review and the site. I did the same thing to his submission a month ago.

Did I do it to protect TradeViewForex? No.
Did I do it to keep him from saying something bad about Felix? No.
Did I do it for any sort of bad reason? No.

I did it because we already had this review page posted on our site since December 5, 2006.


So, this reviewer did not even bother to look and see that we've had them listed under Forex Brokers since long before we took our first ad. Just to really prove himself, he did it twice.

Currently, TradeViewForex.com is rated 4 stars.

I rate the reviewer as zero stars. :p
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If we just did a rating system, then people could vote 1-5 stars and be done with it. At the Forex Peace Army, we do ratings with reviews. For a review to pass moderation, it should at least try to have some useful content.

Here is one left for a forex broker that lacks useful content.

From New York City, April 30th, 5 Stars...


If they are great enough for 5 stars, they should be great enough for more than one word.

This review sssssuuuuucks!
Left for a thoroughly reviewed product.

May 03, 2008 5 Stars
I'm new to forex. Is (product name) for me? Also what does previous reviewer mean by "on Cable"?

I think this person needs to do a lot more reading before buying anything.
Left for an established broker with well over 100 reviews, some of them recent.

May 05, 2008 No rating

Hi, Is there any news about this broker? I'm planning to open an account with him..What you

propose me? Thanks

There's more than 100 reviews full of news about this broker. Do you really expect to get one simple yes/no answer about opening an account with them?

Of course, no one would open an account without asking some questions first, right?
Yes, no one would ever open an account and then ask questions later. It just could never happen.

Left for a broker with no reviews

May 6th, no rating


You have GOT to be kidding me! o_O
May 4 2 stars review of a broker
I would never trade forex as you are basically trading against the house anyway. Don't the casinos make millions every year? It is safer to trade the currency futures on CME as the volume is exploding on the currency futures.

Some people don't like retail forex. Why they would pick any particular broker's reviews to express this is a mystery.
May 10th 5 stars
I find this on there web page, With all the research I have make so far I think there are4 great broker.... Brokerage name deleted- Please note, that your Brokerage name deleted account can be denominated in Bulgarian Lev (BGN) only! Since the adoption of the Currency Board in Bulgaria in 1997, the Bulgarian currency is pegged by the law to the Euro at the exchange rate of 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN. The Currency Board mechanism is expected to be maintained until the joining of Bulgaria to the Eurozone in 2009-2011 as scheduled.
Brokerage name deleted
will convert all incoming EUR Bank Wire Transfers at the exchange rate of EUR/BGN = 1.9530. The incurred bank fees or/and commissions on wire transfers are at the Client's expense! The originator of the funds must always match the name listed as the Client on the trading account.

Let me see. Researched them - good. Decided they get 5 stars based on research without live experience - bad. Think that denominating accounts in Bulgarian currency is a desirable feature - huh???
May 18th, No rating - New site submitted
Comprehensive financial site offers online debt help and advice and a variety of consumer credit related topics.

I'm sorry, but this is a FOREX site. If you want to advertise your credit repair scam site, do it somewhere else.
May 18th, 5 Stars
I will not say anything, simply go to their website, subscribe and you will know why i rated them as a 5 star.

Uh huh. Why don't you use your profits to pay for a 1 month subscription for everyone who reads your review. Offer to do that and maybe the review moderation team will approve this.