Hi FPA crew

Indeed - it seems Knowledge to Action have re-branded as LearntoTrade having had so much mud stick to their former name.

I had the miss-fortune to attend one of their seminars and a friend of mine went on to attend one of their 'live' trading events where Greg Secker allegedly flies around in a helicopter while trading. My mate was alerted to a number of issues when the 'team' in the room only counted winning trades (positive pips) from people and didn't record/count losing trades that had been made by attendees on the day.

Part of this 'event' was Greg 'calling trades live' from the skies above London. What a joke! On the day my buddy was suspicious of the lack of detail associated with the calls and called the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to find out whether a flight plan had been filed by Greg/KTA... It hadn't been. The so called live trades were recordings. Subsequently he wrote a very nice letter to KTA with what he'd found and was fully refunded the >£600(?) for the day. This company is a total fraud.

In the UK there are some legitimate trader training organisations and it's well known that many of their intake come from people who've been through the Knowledge to Action wringer. I kept in touch with a couple of people after the 'weekend trading course' I'd been on - one of them was a programmer. He back-tested a few of the 'super' trading strategies which were taught in the course and none of them had a positive expectancy. I'll send anyone who wants it my copy of this book for $4 'cause that's all it's worth. It's a ****ing joke. Also - their broker of choice at the time (this was a while ago) was... MF Global. Double Whammy!

People who'd been sucked in by their 'free seminar' had paid £2K to attend a two day training seminar. Many of the attendants could have benefited more from remedial english and maths lessons rather than a trading course that had no chance of success at all. Apart from this issue the day was set up to find out from the crowd who had 'real' money (>£20,000) to spend - much like the way some MLM (multi-level-marketing) operations work. A couple of guys saw $$$ signs before their eyes and got the red carpet treatment. There was champagne and everything for them when they signed up to do the 'Super Trader' course.

Greg Secker can die alone in a hole as far as I'm concerned.