, are they sacammers?!!!


My name is Mr. Umeaka Arinze Charles. As a young forex beginner I made a bank wire deposit of $200 to since September 2008,but the money was returned to me two weeks later,reason from them that I transferred the money with incorrect account number. I had to request again for the transfer details which they sent to me. And I transferred the money to them with the account details they gave to me. Till today my trading account is yet to be credited. I sent them mails several times complaining about this, they claim that the account number I sent it to is wrong until it is corrected they will credit the money into trading account,that if they do not get any information on time they will have to return the money. I'd asked on several occasion to return the money to me,since then they no longer reply my mails, even when I call them they don't pick up. I really don't know what do. I am a member of FPA, perhaps you can help me. So am really wondering if are yet another scammers. .Thanks for listening. Umeaka Arinze Charles.


If company representative, examining a SWIFT copy you provided tells you that the account number provided is invalid, this exactly means that you provided invalid bank account number of the company. This exactly means, that your money did not deposited to our bank account.

Typically, the bank waits around one to two weeks to receive a correctional SWIFT message from your bank. If not received, bank returns money back to the sender.

Unfortunately, LiteForex is unable to help in such situations, because of actually LiteForex did not received money in question to it's account.

The best recomendation I can give you, is to contact your bank and request an investigation of the lost transfer.


forex scam

:mad:i am giving this report as a member of FPA for immediate action on this particular organisation and as a warning to anyone that will read this message. i am a trader with liteforex, and for some time been trading with them. i ve some open trades till the 23rd of december that are winning trades and as a position trader daily i check my trades also liteforex always send daily confirmation of account to my e-mail. on the 23rd December in the morning i checked my opened trades but to my surprise around 1:00pm i found out my account was reading -76dollars ie all my trades were close and account wiped out, on going through to see what happened i discovered one of my open trade NZD/USD was used delibrately to wipe out my account with a market price that never existed. (ticket num 4662586 sell order at 0.5848 at 2:56pm on the 19th december 2008 with a stop loss 0.5822 but was delibrately closed with a fake market price 1.1279 on the 23rd Dec of which this price which never occured.) i ve been trying to contact them but no response.Moreover the daily confirmation for that particular day was not sent to me.This is bad and they must be stopped.

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