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Searching Looking for brokers who offer high leverage for UK clients

Help me find a company
IC Markets offer 1:500 to UK traders, and they're regulated.
EagleFX also offer 1:500 but they're not regulated.

I trade with both and have had no issues so far
Hi there, this is my first post but I am not new to FPA. I often spend my time reading the reviews and checking forum debates etc.

My question is this, I'm from the UK and due to ESMA rules, brokers in the UK can only offer 1:30 leverage on major FX pairs.

Can anyone in this forum recommend brokers who still offer high leverage to UK clients? I'm looking to open an account asap.

Thanks in advance
Don't think any exist to be honest. You will have to look offshore.
CWGmarkets.com is a BAD Broker! Reject my profits after 2 months of trading for invalid reasons. This dealing desk broker also manipulates its pricing feeds and platform with severe reqoutes. Better find others to trade wiith.
Yeah, how high are you looking for? CedarFX is another good one, they do 1:500. I have used them for a while. We have the same situation here in Australia..... I used to use IC Markets, but the Australian government capped it to 1:30....