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My 'miliatry-based' system: "Rangers & Deltas"

Discussion in 'Forex Trading Systems and Strategies' started by harris.automate, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. harris.automate

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    Feb 12, 2011
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    Coincidental with a military-like make, I am trading based on a system I have originally developed for myself and I am currently working on to produce the robot version. This system is good enough for me nett gain++ for which I can control measurably well how much to lose per fixed time hour basis. Yes, this system rocks and it fills 1-3 trades every hour, and currently I am working on one formula (yup, just one single formula) that will cover all circumstances. For the whole of last week it made me 3,700+- dollars...and I am just blown at the achievement.

    So I withdraw 3000 to splurge for the weekend, leaving behind 700. Here is some info:

    Military Rangers are known for their territorial and ground coverage capability. Likewise, I have adopted a set of parameters that cover very well the range of prices to trade. For instance, say during London, I know almost 100% which price lvl is going to kill my trade, if I jump on the trend, by statistical methods. Thanks to the Rangers input.

    The deltas are known for their swiftness. Likewise, I have developed T-Deltas that is responsible for the time. For the whole of last week, T-Deltas have stopped 43 positions - 38 wons, against 5 losses, ranging from 2 min to as long as 2 hours.

    So far, I am very happy. And for some reason, since this whole place has the "army" design, decided to share with one and all here....RANGERS & DELTAS.

    The combination beats anything, no indicators and it does not require any, no pivots, no fibos, nothing of that hoohaa...and last week I made thousands over on half-lots to full lot 0.4-0.6, etc, to 1 lot.

    This my Conclusion:
    (1) You need to know which price is at risk to buy/sell (RANGERS)
    (2) Need to know when it is time to stop a trade, not to go in, and when to go out (DELTAS). All Deltas intel supercede all indicators, all pivots, fibo, and all that cabbages,:mad: etc, etc so to speak...

    Thx for reading, and yes, a Holy Grail does exist...though I am working on this finalised EA.

    Forgot to mention, that I do intend to complete a proper "hands-free" EA (not meanwhile) run forward live test in future...we'll see how it goes and my schedule is busy these days. But this definitely, a PRIORITY set in my life.
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  2. Petrikova

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    Apr 8, 2010
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    Interesting. Please share. Screen shot please.
    Thanks :)

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