Nord Fx Scammer


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I don't give a rat's a** if his great grandmother trades his account. LPOA, cancelling legit trades, and withholding withdrawal are 3 separate issues.

From the OP, it seems that the broker paid their original deposit and just cancelled any profits. But there is no reason cited for the exact reason NordFx cancelled profits.

If @CBuilder were to submit a traders court case, I would want to see emails that explain why profits were cancelled, as well as a copy or screenshot of the terms and conditions.

Brokers have been quite brazen over the last 2 years. I guess longer than that, but perhaps more and more retail clients are catching on and so I see reports of brokers just canceling trades while market is closed and other clear bullsh**.


@Marcelo Rosa , I still believe that it doesn't really matter who is trading the account, this doesn't give them the right to steal the profits, and they don't even give a reason of why they did it, they don't even bother to respond to my emails! My clients wouldn't refuse to open cases against the broker at the regulator of course. We could make it one account at a time, but that will take very long time so I am saving as last step.

@4evermaat , I agree with you, I expect FPA to make a serious move against this broker and announced it as a scam broker at the scam alerts page and the review page. I am not the only one who has been scammed, you can very easily find lots of cases who had the same issue with them here on FPA.

@Pharaoh , I hope FPA could take a serious move against this broker and announce it as scam broker if they refused to respond to this case and previous cases mentioned here at their review page, I am not the only one who got scammed.


There is a policy to label a broker as a scam. In general, it's 3 Traders Court guilty votes. The cases need to be brought by the holders of the accounts.