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Powerful Buyers & Sellers Zones Indicator

Discussion in 'Forex Trading Software Arsenal. Powerful and Free.' started by FXTradingRevolution, May 21, 2016.

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  1. FXTradingRevolution

    FXTradingRevolution FxTradingRevolution.com Representative

    Jul 13, 2015
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    If you have not read the thread "Important (please read first!) + TOC", please read it carefully before using this indicator. Thank you.

    We are introducing our first very powerful indicator that shows the zones in the markets where based on statistics and market volatility strong accumulation of buying or selling market participants mostly occurs. This indicator gives traders a significant advantage, because thanks to these zones traders can with increased accuracy predict where the market can do countermoves and reverse.

    Below you can see how the indicator looks in a chart.


    The indicator is very easy to understand and use. It shows two main types of zones. The blue zone, where the strong accumulation of buyers occur, and then the red zone, where the strong accumulation of sellers occur.

    For clarity and better utilization of the zones it further subdivides the zones by force and number of buyers or sellers into four other subgroups:
    • Very Strong
    • Strong
    • Medium
    • Weak
    The description clearly shows that on very strong zones the reversal of the current market move will most likely happen. On the other side in weak zones the probability of a countermove is the least. However, in all zones (including the weak zone), there is indeed an increased chance that there will be a reverse in current market moves. This is because the strength of buyers (blue zone) and sellers (red zone) orders can stop the current market move and turn it into a countermovement.

    Of course – the market reversal is not 100% certain. We especially do not recommend using the indicator during strong fundamentals (like NFP report, interest rates, speeches of important bankers etc.). However, the main advantage with this indicator is an increased probability of noticing expected market moves.

    How to trade with the indicator?
    There are a lot of possible approaches to trading with the indicator. It is possible to use the indicator in any time-frame and any market that you would like to trade.

    In essence, traders can wait until the market reaches the blue zones, wait for the market reaction and if the market will be reversing, open a long trade. Conversely, if the market will hit the red zones, then traders can wait for the market reaction, and if the market will be reversing then open a short trade.

    With the indicator you can also very effectively set Stop-Losses. It is possible to simply set a Stop-Loss below the blue zones or above the red zones. This will ensure that the market will not hit your Stop-Loss too soon and that your Stop-Loss is set based on current market moves and volatility.

    Also, the indicator is very useful when setting Profit-Targets. You can simply set Profit-Targets of sell trades above the blue zones or Profit-Targets of buy trades below the red zones.

    Settings of the indicator:

    Buyers & Sellers factor
    = Factor of drawing buyers & sellers zones based on a distance from the current price. The higher this number is set, the stronger and better zones will be displayed.

    Recommended setting = 20 - 50

    Candles for close = If the market breaks through the zone and therefore market reversal does not happen from a given buyers / sellers zone, here you set how many candles in the future the zone should be visible for. In cases that within the number of candles the market comes back above a buyers zone or below a sellers zone, then the indicator keeps the original zone.

    Recommended setting = 3 - 10

    ==== Display settings ====

    Buyers zone COLOR = Buyers zones

    Sellers zone COLOR = Sellers zones

    Font size = font size of the text next to the zones

    ==== Alert settings ====
    Threshold Level = How strong a zone must at least be to activate the alert

    Show Alert? = true / false

    Send E-mail? = true / false

    Send Notification? = true / false

    The latest version 2.0 of the Powerful Buyers & Sellers zones indicator:


    We welcome any of your feedback, questions and improvement ideas in the support thread here!

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  2. FXTradingRevolution

    FXTradingRevolution FxTradingRevolution.com Representative

    Jul 13, 2015
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    Dear traders, we have updated the Powerful Buyers & Sellers zones indicator:
    • Buyers and sellers zones drawing optimization
    • Stability improved
    • Minor code changes
    You can download the latest version in the end of the first post above.
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