RAPIDGCX Hold My Deposit Over 7 Months No Refund

Hello everyone admin and mod plus all the members.

First "RGCX did not verified my account for month then after i unsubscribe they hold my money for months"

I have request unsubscribe for all three account there for over 6-7 month now but they still hold my money and do not entertaint my request of refund.

No live support given for me on the issues and they kept giving me automated answer to trade and withdraw.

[Imagine how can you trade a closed *confirmed unsubscribe account for the last 6-7 months?]

Today i cannot login at all and the answer i get is my username and password is not valid anymore.

Seems like they have deactivated my account this week prior to my request and complaint.

Please anybody any advice what to do next. Today i have email the company itself and countless email to support staff at RGCX TRADING CORPORATION with no solution.

Thank you for your time FPA and all.

Mahadzir Atan


Can you please give some more details on the sequence of events.

You say your account was unconfirmed. Did you send them the required ID documents? If so, when?
Tq Pharaoh for your reply,

I deposited 3 EGTA gold investment account firstly then i try to verify the account more than 5 times they dont want the valid document i gave. Infact the document was corect and updated.
So if they dont want me astrader why hold my money?

They must immediately refund it but they kept holding it till now!
I requested to unsubscribe and they reply to my email and phone trou sms confirmed unsubscribe. But up till now no money transfered back to my bank acount.

This is CHEATING BIG TIME...disrespect and very unprofessional.
When i file complaint they now reject my username and password. This is scaming to me.

FYI your info and theirs my account are not subjected to any policy change they made because it has been unsubscribe prior to any of their sided policy manipulation.

Tq Pharaoh hope you understand. Pls do ask me if you need any more info. ASAP
RGCX Account has been Unsubscribe

RGCXplus.com <support@rgcx.zendesk.com>

to me
Hello Mahadzir Bin Atan,

1. Login Details

UserName: mahadXXXXXXXXX
Login Password: sgvXXXXX
Security Password: NXXXXXX

Now the second account below:

also have been susubscribe:
Esmeralda, Aug 30 01:47 (CST):
Dear Mahadzir b Atan,

Thank you for submitting your support ticket.

Feel free to contact us should you require any further assistance.
RGCX Member Support Department
Panama City, Republica De Panama

Best Regards from RGCX Management Team,

RGCX Trading Corporation
Suite: 0832-00755
World Trade Center Building
Panama City, Republica De Panama

Above email shows the first account username *mahadxxx is confirmed unsubscribe then below the second one under username *moneymakerxxx also confirmed trough phone +6019565XXX Malaysia sms and email
Sorry if this info seems flooding. Something I miss...

I Join RGCX early July 2012 and within 2 weeks 2 of my account is verified but not the other one since then till now even i have request refund they hold the account.

I send to them document uploaded to verify 3 account and they verify 2 of them but not the other one.

My querry is the same document were given so how did they selectively reject one over the other?

This look like a trick and then yesterday another trick they reject 3 of my account username and passwords.

But when i request to unsubscribe they answer and allow me to do so but where is the money?

It has been 8 months lucky i remember Forexpeacearmy which i have been a member for the last 5-6 years before with another username.
And lucky to before they shut down my account i was able to save all the credit document even partially they are 8 of them.

Today i email them again yet no answer. I will continue to because they violated me for times.
thanks for your time and consideration admin and mod plus all.
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It's good that you saved as much info as possible.

You say you have 3 accounts. How much money is in each one?

Send them an email with a link to this thread. Invite them to come here and explain what it is that they want you to do to reclaim your money.
Last week they suspended my account when I complaint they enable it back again. They claim through their represantative form finance department that forex company do not return deposit.

Its not much in my account only more less USD2,000 but in my country thats 3 monthsa paycheck.
This is about moral and princips. I have been a trader with FXCM and Moneyforex plus Marketiva for over 10 years.

So far this week they dont respond to my email...i will continue to write and will make bad reviews on them if they continue to hold my deposit illegally.