RESOLVED - Dumped by her broker after 5 years


Gci Trading

This is really sad and quite embarrassing for a company of GCI status.For the company to disregard or even use threats against an officer of the FPA is a slap on us all and that is unacceptable.

The battle line as been drawn between us and GCI.I have friends who have accounts with them,i am going to notify them immediately to act fast by moving their money away.

I hope they send a representative to this forum to state clearly their own side of the issue because no company will be allowed to mess around with an officer of the FPA.

GCI the biggest swindlers!

GCI the biggest swindlers!
I was their client and IB the broker. In a result they have not given me the commission, have not given money to clients who were registered from my submission!
Explanations - short bargains under not market quotations!
In total they have not returned more than 50000 $!
Thieves and swindlers!
Documents all has kept till now, but struggle was unsuccessful! GCI simply did not answer!


Frankly speaking this kind of stuff bothers me a lot. I have always asked this question and I'm still asking it- IF CAPITAL TRADER HAD MADE A LOSS OF $10,000 FROM THIS, WILL YOU (GCI TRADING) CANCEL THE LOSS ON THE GROUND OF WRONG PRICE FEED?

However, this time you are doomed! A scam from FPA? Be sure to pack your pins out of the forex industry. Some of us are extra prudent traders. Even if you decide to pay this $10,000 tomorrow, you cannot clean your dubious acts from our minds easily. :unhappy:


GCI will not last

Have been with GCI for more than 9 years .Over the last few month they have done an audit on my account and adjusted it by close to $20,000 I am now with an other broker.Do not trade with these people,they don't like it when you make money.


changing times

GCI has made changes without proper notification. such as this.

Last year they were on dealer execution most of the time, especially in the fall. I was checking daily at times to find out which pairs were auto and which were not.

So there was unlikely any off market pricing.

Just glad I have little money with them!


I agree wholeheartedly. It´s the brokers´problem how fast he gets his prices, and ít´s my problem how and where from I get my price information. Any argument about this issue is superfluous.:err:
I agree with Stony, I am battling other market players and the pairs, not my broker. :confused:


GCI Update

She is Right.. I am Also an IB. Working for like 5 years with GCi. They have Done the same thing with me as well But the amount is Double,20000 USD. I am on it. I have made complaints against GCI to every possible agencies I could think of. I had like 1200 trades, they claim all of them to be offline. what is offline,? i still don't know.. No replies to my emails.. no live chats.
Miss i think, you should contact me. I know GCI better then anyone. I will tell you what to do and how to do. Like i said i am on it.