Reza Mokhtarian of Capital Trust Markets has made threats against the FPA


Well done mod and all at the FPA, what on earth is someone like this "man?" doing running a business much less one which involves peolpes money and hence trust, after reading his comments I wouldn't trust him with a lettuce (and i hate lettuce).
Had to laugh about his threats to SEO the S**T out of his websites.......good luck keeping up with googles' rules LOL

You have exposed this company and this man for what they be avoided at all cost, yet again saving countless people thousands of pounds, well done. :)


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He tells the FPA that the website will be destroyed and the lives of the employees are at risk, unless all mentions of Reza Mokhtarian and Capital Trust Markets (CTM) are removed from the FPA's website.
You must provide Z PLUS security to FPA employees Bill :D


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Bill, you might as well be the most patient person i know right now, you are way way way too nice with such people. and I really do feel sorry fo CTM for having such a CEO, how the heck did he even get to that position, kudos to you guys and to the fpa family! you guys are doing one heck of a job! my hat is off for you! :)


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Le FPA est un site qui permet au petit investisseur de savoir si son argent est placé chez un broker sérieux.
Le FPA signal des cas de fraude sérieuse et grave.
Il est clair que le FPA instruit Ã* charge chaque dossier du plaignant comportant des preuves leur bonne foi justifiant cet acte.
Chaque Broker a un droit de réponse pour sa défense.
Les procédures pour déposer une plainte auprès des autorités national et international s’organise.
Les petits investisseurs connaissent doucement les procédures Ã* suivre en cas de vol et d’escroquerie
Donc le temps de vos méfait est plus que de courte durée


LOL - looked at his site - They have a disclaimer that their servers were down (reversed superhack maybe)??? I wonder if he has any Minions - they are real cute....I'm in NZ so should look him up :)
I hope this SCAMMER Reza Mokhtarian and his SCAM CapitalTrustMarkets migrate to Australia, I'll be glad to accommodate this Scoundrel and his chapter with open arms:D

@ Reza Mokhtarian be sure to look us up, you have my details regards BOON;)