Scammed by BinaryBook. com


Made a deposit of 3000 usd into my account by wire transfer on 30th March in readiness to trade April NFP with my account manager, Mary Stone .

After trading the first set of signals she sent to me, i lost over 300usd instead of the huge profit she promised to make with me . I immediately told her that am no more interested in her signals and that i want to withdraw my balance of 2631usd and that was when the whole trouble started .

I made the first withdrawal request on 5th April, 2016 and they cancelled it on their own without my consent and Mary started presurizing me to continue treading with her and promised to make profits with me and I stood my ground on withdrawing.

She then informed me that my account have been transferred to a certain Ellen Wright who also put more pressures on me to continue trading with them and i refused. She also, after some persuasions, informed me that my account have again been transferred to a certain Jessica Wilson.

It was Jessica whom after seeing that i was not able to succumb to their antics of wooing me back to trading with them, promised me during my Skype chat with her on 19th April, 2016 that my money will be released on 1st May 2016.

On 2nd May, 2016 I chatted her and she asked me to initiate a new withdrawal order which i did and by 3rd May, 2016 she confirmed to me that my money have been sent to me and the money was removed from my account immediately.

By 10th May, 2016 I checked my bank account and the money was not yet there. I contacted her immediately and that was when she told me that I did not provide my banking details to the finance department. She sent a certain APM form to me for my banking details which i completed, signed and sent back to the finance department immediately and copied her.

ON 18th May, 2016 when I inquired from her about the status of my withdrawal request, she told me to have patience since transfers take time. And ever since this date, she have refused to respond to my chatts.

ON 24th May, 2016, i decided to inquire from Mary Stone about the status of my request, she again started the issue of finance department not having my banking details for the transfer and I told her that I sent my account details on the 10th May, 2016. She promised to check with finance department in which she later told me that my money have been released.

On 3rd June, 2016 I informed her that the money is not yet in my account and she once more promised me to check back with the finance department but never came up with any response untill on 7th June, 2016 when I chatted her again but this time as a threat that i will report BinaryBook to scam review sites if by weekend the money is not in my account.

She then told me to go to my bankers and made inquiries since it has been 2-3 weeks they released the money to me. I requested that they sent me the swift copy of their transfer or any document that showed that the money was actually released to enable me approach my bank on the issue. But instead of sending the requested proof of transfer, she also have refused to respond to my chatts to her on skype.

Today being the 13th June, 2016 I logged into my BB account page only to find a pop up box staring at my face written "THE WITHDRAWAL PROCESS WAS SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED. WE WILL KEEP DOING OUR BEST TO ENSURE POSITIVE EXPERIENCE WITH OUR SERVICES"

The withdrawal process started since 2nd May, 2016? Being completed on 13th June, 2016?

The truth was that BB is a bunch fraudsters. My 2621usd, they removed from my account and never sent to me.
Two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat.
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