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Shortly / Briefly

Tadawulfx'in fraud / theft / fraud / trap method I described. 1. margin call calculations and volume calculations are different. 2. Leverage reduction / mitigation / decrement to the margin call. 3. Sales to abnormal signals that stop loss buying.


Tadawulfx forex by September-October months of the company account number 8010397 on the principal amount of $ 2649 as I was cheating. I do not have any documents available. But the practice can describe in detail their tactics. I can do just that moment.

1-Volume Games (Margin Call to Be)
Here tactics applied the process to return to the unit or units of dollars over the dollar. Margin call would be so. Lot 1 will be either that or $ 100,000 to 100,000 units.

For example;

Eur / USD from 1.4000 to 1, say, you open lots of action. 1:400 leverage you get.

If calculated in dollars (100.000 euros to buy dollars), the margin required:

100,000 / Euro 1.4000 = 71428.57 did you mean,
1.4000 = 71428.57 * $ 100,000 for the transaction amount,
100,000 / 400 = $ 500 Margin required.

If calculated as units (100.000 euros to buy units of) the margin required:

140,000 100,000 * 1.4000 = U.S. Dollar amount of transaction,
140,000 / 400 = 700 dollars Margin Required

Your coverage is increased to 500 from 700, and margin call would be.

2-Leverage Game (Margin Call to Be)
Your leverage 1:400 from 1:300 to being reduced and the margin call would be.

3-Triaport Signal Game (Must Stop Loss) (Turkey Company Triafx Program)
Signals outside the normal course of the market is given and the stop loss would be.

I hope you had a good translation.


You call that a scam?

If that is your only problem with your broker, you have a very good one.
I use them(Tadawul) for a year now and they get better and better. I'll tell you what others do with margin, and I do not consider that scam: I placed a trade in Broco Investor on Canadian news release once. About 10 seconds later my account was reduced more than twice. That's it, nothing else visible happened on my screen. So I looked at the log and to my great surprise I find out that my position was closed 2 seconds before it has been opened. I asked Broco to explain and they told me that when I placed the order I have met the margin requirements to open a position, but because the spread at that time was 60 pips I failed to meet requirements to hold the same position. Since it was known even before my order was executed, they liquidated my position before my order had been filled.
That style of serving customers is way closer to fraud, but still not exactly. They have rules and you know them in advance. So as long as they follow them you can not call them scammers.
As far as my experience, I can tell you that Tadawul is the best MT4 broker I have ever used, and I used quite a lot of them.


Tadawul FX Representative
TDFX on Margin Requirements & Margin Call

Thanks for your comments "Mr. Windows"! TDFX appreciates them.

We have taken the time to review your comments and your trading account and can confirm that there seems to be a misunderstanding on your part about the definition of a "margin requirement."

Below we have taken the time to explain what a margin requirement is and illustrate with examples to make things much more clear for you.

How much margin is required to open a position?
A margin requirement refers to the deposit used as collateral for taking a position in the market, or simply, the amount of money that TDFX requires from you to open a position, and it is expressed in percentages. Tadawul FX requires the following margin:
For leverage:
1:100 = 1% margin
1:200 = 0.5% margin
1:300 = 0.33% margin
1:400 = 0.25% margin
1:500 = 0.20% margin

How to calculate how much margin you need:
(Using the figures from your example: margin 0.25% (or 1:400); price on EUR/USD 1.4000; trade size 1 lot.
Formula: “Current price of the base currency” x “transaction size” x “margin %” = margin requirement given in quote currency
1.4000 x 100,000 x 0.25% = USD 350

The margin floating percentage is always above 100% when a position is opened, as no position can be opened if the margin floating percentage is below 100%. In the event that the open positions move in your favor, thus making profit, the margin floating percentage increases, meaning that you are moving further away from a Margin Call.

The floating percentage is visible on the MT4 platform whenever you open a position and is expressed as a “Margin Level” in the platform. It is a visual aid and should be monitored at all times to help you avoid having one or several positions being Stopped Out due to inadequate free margin and not acting when the Margin Call was given.

Margin Call, as is suggested by the name, is when the position or platform is "calling out" for more margin. In the MT4 Platform margin call occurs when the Margin Level % turns red. This is a sign that more free margin is required in the account and is obtained by either the trader closing a trade that is in loss, or by adding more funds to the trading account (which will increase the Free Margin).

A failure for the trader to act when the Margin Call is received, will result in a "Stop Out" or automatic closing of one or more open positions. The Stop Out is initiated at 100% (with TDFX), and it protects the client from having a negative balance or falling into debt with the company. If you have several open positions, the position with the biggest loss will close first. If the market continues to move further against you, more positions that are in loss will continue to close to free up the margin.

We hope the definitions and explanation above was helpful, but if you have any more questions please contact us at any time via LIVE CHAT 24 hours a day, or email us at support@tadawulfx.com.

As clearly stated in our risk disclaimer (General Risk Disclosure for Traders |Tadawul FX), we urge our clients to ensure that they completely understand the risks of trading forex, and are also completely comfortable with demo trading before proceeding to live trading. If a trader proceeds too early, and has little understanding and knowledge, it can ultimately results in poor risk management and loss of money.

Unfortunately, many times when a broker is falsely accused of being a ‘scam’ it can be largely due to a misunderstanding on the behalf of the client. To avoid making any public accusations about TDFX, or any other company, that are simply not true, we would kindly ask that in the future you contact our Support Team who would be more than happy to assists you with any question or issues that you have.

We wish you all the best with your trading!

Tadawul FX Team



I give my struggle ended with a decision tadawulfx fraud. I explained above, are open to discussion and review. Most reasonable interpretation is left to the reader. The forex market is coming to a healthier state hope.

Sincerely .....

In the forex market is busy with all the friends I wish you success in the work.


Important notes

After I explained the method of implementation of topics around $ 40 I had the money in the account. I want to transfer this money to my bank account transfer did not happen. I think this may be evidence defraud.


Contradict the words I expressed my need to respond to a comment I do not hear. Information is presented. If you come to my mind about this company right now is something new here, I will not write another article. This firm connection triafx'tir Turkey. Turkey can search in google company interpretations. Meanwhile, several forum sites about this company after a certain amount of negative comments are deleted.