The Traders Domain broker not trustable. SCAM.


I am a neutral party here however you have received your initial deposit and the broker is claiming you broke some of the T&C's during trading practices. I recommend both parties calmly work to resolve this dispute if you haven't done so already. Many traders never get their deposit back from other brokers therefore you are far ahead of the curve.
They accused me, threaded me, they lied and when i requested the proofs from their 'banks' or LP's they didnt present nothing but the report of my account. As after they requested a video of my operation i simply opened a demo account which i posted pictures of my operations and even the login and pass so everyone could check.

As far as i know the threads can be closed when theres a resolution of the situation which isn't the case here.

Proceed with the FULL withdrawal of MY money or i kindly request and do not authorize this thread to be closed.


Thetradersdomain Representative
We are not wasting any more time with this. There were close to 20 clients using the same programming we found over the last 2 months and each got shut down in the same way. We stand behind our counter parties and when they say trades are invalid and our compliance check agrees we process the issue in the same manner.

Leave the thread open, it will just show we were open and honest with all our communication and provided the resolution we provide to all clients.

Thank you to the moderators for reviewing this and seeing how we handle all client concerns.