TitanTrade - Not Crediting After Client Documents Verified


I don't understand these companies. I would think they can make more money with repeat and new customers than by stopping business with repeat customers like me. I really liked my first broker and also the company. I really want to continue trading with them because I am now making profit. Maybe that is why they have become cold to me.

My complaint is the same old broker will not return my funds to me and has gone silent. I was interested in Foreign Exchange trading and thought Binary Options were a more affordable way to get into forex. I did research on TitanTrade and didn't find anything negative and they had good customer service - until I wanted to make regular withdrawals.

My credit cards have been verified by TitanTrade. I had 2 or 3 losing months and now that I start to make some profit, they get cold on me.

I sent in scans of my credit cards, front and back, along with my signature on their form and got confirmation that all were verified.

My balance is a little under US$5000. I asked for $200 in late August and got it after the cards were verified on September 3rd. Great.

The next week I asked for $95 and got no response. I forgot the minimum withdrawal amount was $100 so the week after, I requested $210 to even it out and again no answer.

Ok. Their web pages do say it may take up to 10 business days to process withdrawals, so I waited and requested a couple more withdrawals, but all my account says now (October 8) is processing.

I check my credit card accounts weekly and nothing is getting credited.

I sent email on September 15th and was told the funds are returned to the same card they are charged from.
I sent a follow-up email on October 3rd, no answer.

I stopped trading a couple of weeks ago because I'm just wasting my time and energy. This is a big shame because in the second week of September I got injured in a car accident and cannot work my normal job so the binary options income is sorely needed now!

Around September 29th someone from TitanTrade calls me and says he (Eric Stone) is my new account manager as my former one (Peter ???) has changed offices and Eric will send me his contact information and get the finance department to expedite my withdrawals for just under $900 in total. I never got an email from Eric and after a week, nothing has changed financially. On October 3rd, I requested $1000. No response.

A couple of weeks ago I called their international phone number and it sounded like they were no longer in business. I called yesterday and after 12 minutes, a male answered, looked up my account, said he would leave a note for Eric Stone. He also said the finance department was checking my account. For what? I was already verified, right?

I have screenshots as well as emails sent and received. I really want to have a good relationship with TitanTrade but I am tired of waiting for my money and now I am also broke!
Hello ProfitAndRun

Titan Capital Limited is one of the new breed of Binary Option broker (late 2013), they claim to be currently working on getting their license regulatory from CySEC. I did a quick check, but nothing as yet!

Send them an e-mail and ask them to kindly join this thread as part of trying to "resolve" your problems.

Sometimes its best to add your account number to help speed things up. ;)

Good luck

I just sent their support email a request to join the discussion. I included my name and account number in that email.
I will check in at least once daily except Friday night and Saturday my local times.

Hello ProfitAndRun

Sometimes brokers use the simple excuse, that they can't investigate the clients issues because they (the client) didn't give any account number or ID, for them (broker) to go on. :mad:

Another trick, is for the broker to claim that they never received any such e-mail. :mad:

Hopefully this broker is not one of these brokers, and they will join this discussion and everything will be sorted out.

I personally believe that members like yourself can only benefit, by simply adding their "trading account number" in these "scam" cases.

Good luck
Thanks for the suggestion Liz.
My account with TitanTrade is 39002.

I finally got some action from TitanTrade.

Unfortunately, this past Friday I had to start filing chargebacks with my credit cards. I had no choice because it's been 3 months since the original charges so I was right at the limit for submitting a complaint to the credit card companies.

Now I see in my TitanTrade account, just under $900 that I requested a month ago has been approved. I also seem to have lost my bonuses of $2000. They may credit that back to me like they did after the first $200 withdrawal.

So now I have more accounting work to do by checking all my credit card accounts, when they could have done what I asked weeks ago. I still need to file chargebacks with a couple more credit companies just to cover my behind.

Let me know if I should post any screenshots.

As I said, I really thought TitanTrade was giving me good service when I had a communicative broker. I was just waiting on repeated withdrawals to recommend TitanTrade to my co-workers.

At this point, is it even worth continuing with a broker that takes a month to answer a withdrawal request by an approved client?