Tomahawk Finance Company is a big scam
Tomahawk FX is also related to AUU Global which is another fraudulent company. Auu sells white label MT licenses to any scam broker who will hand them cash. MetaQuotes is also liable as they do nothing to help victims or stop this behavior.

Tomahawk Finance Co., Limited · ETXcapital · Allied Victory Gold and Silver Investment. Auu Global


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Dear I complained many times to Metaquotes but they answered every time they are not responsible and liabale for any payment or any payment to Third Partet Broker. Even tomahawk took tax Money on behalf of HMRC but they don’t want to take any action
Please I need your help
Vina, what is you concern/issue?

Dear All,
I want tell you true story about Tomahawk Finance Company that is registered in UK as per UK Rules and regulations.
I met with an Girl who belonged to Honk Kong. She send me friend request on Facebook and I accepted her request. After that she started to send messages on my Facebook messenger like hi and how are you. She instantly asked my WhatsApp number and i send her WhatsApp number. After that she send me messages on daily basis good Morning and then i send message to her. I just asked her what do you do she said I worked in MT5 then i asked her about MT5 and she guided me completely. After that she introduced one broker his name is Charles who is Chinese but lives in UK. She told me this man send you trading trends and you follow him. I added his WhatsApp number and started to chat. He told me he will send me trends and i will follow him when to start and when to close.First investment that i did in Tomahawk Broker dated 03.08.2021 as $100 and he send me trends and in 4 to 5 days I earned almost $25 and the Chinese girl she told me withdraw money and I withdraw money $125 and $3 Tomahawk Broker deducted. And in received in Bank Account through Binance $122. I had believed on Chinese girl, Chinese Broker and Chinese Company Tomahawk Broker. The broker he told me to increase funds i increase the funds upto $3,738 and then he gave me more trading trends and my account was reached in more 5 days with my investment $5,959. Then the Broker he told he doesn’t have time to give me trends in free and he should help me when i will make an agreement With him and the agreement he will do minimum $20,000 but i told him i haven’t such money then one day he told me congratulations I submitting your request to his team they will decide to make an agreement or not. But very next day he said my team approved that make agreement on $5,959 and i will pay 20% weekly commissions but I didn’t read the agreement properly because i was thinking i will pay him profit from my commissions every week. But when first week finished he asked me commissions I haven’t commissions to pay him but I arranged with my friend and i paid first commission $1148 Next week he increased my account and again i paid him commission $2000 then again paid 4,000 final commission i paid him $3,000 which was all partial commissions because i lend money from my relatives friends and even i sold my house. My profit was increased from $3,738 to 537,707.30 that was unbelievable and the broker was telling this will fulfill your dreams. When one month completed on 16.09.2021 and i send message to Tomahawk customer services to withdraw money thay told me your broker didn’t sene them email to finish contract. Then i send message to broker why I can’t take money he send me message that your remaining commission is still $96,532 i told him I don’t have anything he told me if i will not pay I can’t get my money. Then i told him give me solution so he decided that my team is saying i must pay $48,192 and the remaining commission when I withdraw money then i will pay them. I was in tension because I already paid him more than $14,000. Then i told to Chinese girl that was my friend she told me she will help me $20,000 and Broker will help me $10,000 and the rest $17,192 I arranged with my friends and family again and i sold my house in loss as well. One week was taken to arrange $48,192 and i send to the broker Binance account USDT TR20. I was ver happy now i can withdraw money and i send message to Tomahawk customer services to withdraw money they asked my Binance wallet address i send them and told me wait patiently. After half an hour message came i must pay tax as per UK rules and regulations that becomes $10,679 on my profit of $533,969 that was 2% then i can withdraw money. I was again in tension and even weeping bitterly and again i send message to broker what is this he told me I don’t know if customer services said to pay tax you must pay tax. Then again they help me. The Chinese girl helped me $4,000 and the broker helped me $2,890 and the rest money $3,789 that I arranged from my friends who are in abroad. I paid the taxes and i was very happy i will withdraw money. The tax department of Tomahawk send me one form and I filled it and send to Tomahawk Customer Services. Again I requested to withdraw money they again asked my Binance wallet address and told me to wait patiently but after half an hour message came you just paid the taxes to tomorrow we will submit to the UK Cutoms department and it will take normally 2 working days. I wait 2 days and I asked them again they said no reply from Customs department because this is big gang who traps the innocent people and steal their money.
I started work in Tomahawk Broker 03.08.2021, made contract with Broker Charles his Company name is Jiasheng Research Team dated 17.08.2021 my contract was finished 16.09.2021 and i paid tax 23.09.2021.
After that I threatened to customer services if they will not pay my money i will complain to UK Government and Human Rights. After that they threatened me if i do any complain then i will be responsible after arguing from 23.09.2021 upto 06.10.2021
On 07.10.2021 when i got up in the morning and open my account my account was Zero and i was shocked how my account became zero and i saw 1 trade that was in loss $561,818 In minus. I again send message to customer services thay told me i am responsible no one can make trade except me or may be i share my password to anyone. If my last transaction was 16.09.2021 why i will trade on 07.10.2021. But the fact is i had lost my all money even my house and i have to pay to the people almost $38,000. This is my story and even i complaint to UK Customs department by email and i mentioned everything with screenshots. They answered me that they will investigate.
Now my account has been disabled on MT5 server and even on Tomahawk website. I didn’t understand how MT5 Company allowed scammers and fraud companies. Who looted innocent people.
I need advice and comment because i have lost everything even i have no money for food. No house also no one is helping me because I already lend huge money and that money how I repay to people. God Help me and destroy Tomahawk Broker and like that all broker who are registered in MT4 and MT5.
For information i am writing all the WhatsApp number with names because this is a big scam group
Chen Ziyu Hong Kong
+852 52654523
Charles UK
+44 7859849445
Tomahawk Customer Services
+44 7419 616278
Kali, I sent you a SMS message? Did you get it?
New scammer girl on tinder
It's from Tomahawk finance
WhatsApp number is
+31 6 33284215


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Below are all of the websites being ran by these scammers. They share the same IP.

Di bawah ini adalah semua situs web yang dijalankan oleh scammers ini. Mereka berbagi IP yang sama.