Tomahawk Finance Company is a big scam

Similar to the person who started the post here, I have also meet this girl by the name of Chen Ziyhu who have also added me in Facebook and I accepted it. Everyday we are chatting than moved on to WhatsApp and continued chatting from there. Everyday there are sure a good morning and a good night message from her.

One day she introduced me to MT5 where she is currently investing her online foreign exchange trading to make money as she not working and enjoying life everyday. She will everyday keep sending me her profit trying to tempt me and one day she introduce me to her broker and the funniest part is this broker keep on persuading me to sign up for their MT5 account and trying his best not to expose them as Tomahawk until I asked them if they are from Tomahawk.

I have also try to ask for their broker certification but all he can answer was that he can only show me good feedback from their previous customers past records.

Anyway all the information from this big scam group are below, please be aware of their scam.
Picture of Chen Ziyhu +852 5265 4523
Tomahawk Customer Services +44 7838 175260
Scammer website:


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This kind of scamming is running since 2020 with the gold market
i was scamed for 20k usd befor it was known in public. It started as a "Tinder" relationship , i thoght people are aware of those scammers