Trade Rush


Hello dear
I had open a account with trade rush about 5 month ago I had a account manger she called Dona Edward she was keep working on me on phone if you invest €10000 in one month I’ll give you back €17000 if you don’t take you invest I’ll give you secure monthly money after few months and I asked if my invest is secure I’ll invest my that money if is gone be on risk I don’t want invest and if its secure I want take some money every month because of my expencers she expected and she said because I want give you €5000 bones because of you investing 10000 after invest my money she has been changed she was on scam way keep asking for more invest and she tryed one time to take money without my permitted I gave her notice on Skype she just keep tryed keep every thing clean and perfect on appearance she on phone keep working on me to get more invest and tryed to scame my money as long I invest that money she put additional software on my account she was changing result of my trading .she trade 15000 on 5 trade she won one trade of and 4 lost and she trade that one trade on two trade and lost all my invest and bonus all just on 7 trade .
When I asked about her promises about my secure invest she denied and she tryed on email make me bad reaction to they have reason to closing my account but I didn’t .and I contact trade rush manegment name was marry takes me one month to reply she wasn’t helpful she just was keeping account manegment side without any reason and she ignored all our phone conversation .ans I went them address in London but them don’t have any location place in London that address is fake and them phone is never answering I believe them phone is fake too .i spoke with few lawyer about this them told me them are %100 scame .i believe and I feel %100 how them are dealing with people is scame them just want get invest from people any way .them are keep working on ophone on people with promise to get money and scame that money .tham are sacmer %100 .
Them scame in total £12000 with software.
Thank you
Behrang Shafiee
Credit cards are easier, but I'm told debit cards are sometimes possible. Immediately call or visit your issuing bank (Do NOT delay - there are deadlines). Ask to speak to the fraud department. Explain exactly what happened. Ask if a chargeback is possible based on the "expert" trader being unable to live up to promises.

If the bank declines, consider professional assistance. If they take your case, does charge a $59 fee, but the only collect 25% of the recovered funds. That's less than any of the other chargeback companies I've seen.