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After three days of trading all my profitable position where invalidated due to “incorrect pricing”. First day I built my account to 9500 only for my trade history to be wiped out, with little funds left I traded the next day and build it to 13k and again it was erased. Lucky I screen recorded all chart movement, trades, back office balances trade numbers prices closing everything. They stole my equity, they tried to leverage in their favor and lost and probably don’t have the money to pay trades. Offering trades and only validating losses is FRUAD.


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can you please post the screen recording here? If the video file is too large, use dropbox, google drive, etc and post the share-able link here.
Figure I’ll add this, traderway trading platform my account is an MT4.ECN which according to Tradersway “Trading Platform” explanations...with MT4.ECN users can now enjoy DMA trading which again according to the their explanation is “direct access to the interbank market.” Idk I stressed over every trade it was real to me I never had a reason to believe the risk I was taking was not real I lost big just kept at it and ended up ahead. If it happened during one trading session maybe but three days ? No email to users nothing to inform of incorrect pricing in any pair with any price data only altering users balances. Buisness is buisness hey they can get away with it then more power to them, but bad buisness leaves a stink you can’t wash off, no matter what explanation-returning my equity-is the only resolution. The prices should have never been offered, continued to be offer and I’d bet the equity this week it will still be offered. I’ve already switch brokers they’ll never get another deposit hope Traders avoid them.


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Keep me posted per their customer agreement withdrawals take 2 business days to process I'm betting there will be an adjustment to your account somewhere between now and then called reconciliation of old trading account balances!
They adjust my account but did not decline my withdraw my point was to have documentation my account had the funds when requested. Crazy thing is I have not received one email explaining what they communicated to you just hung me out to dry of course I know they where being fraudulent when the account history was cleared instead of issuing a documents They would had to submit paperwork with transaction summary like they do ever time you trade and erasing the data just make the paper trail go away.
The issue affected both of you in a similar way so we will copy here most of what we responded to Getpar's thread:

We attached two images here to illustrate the issue. These are M1 charts on WTICrude. This issue lasted for a few days and went unnoticed. It happened intermittently and would last for either minutes or many hours at a time. The charts attached show the main time frames under question in this thread.

You can clearly see the issue with the price feed that was going through our system. While this was happening, the price was going up and down 20 pips at a time, over and over and over again. If you check the trades placed by the client you will find they lasted only several seconds and were closed for a large "profit". In reality these trades were closed as losses. This is why we deleted them from the client's account - instead of correcting prices, which would result in unfair losses, we deleted the orders.

Based on the client's trading activity, he was taking advantage of this issue in our feeds and went to sleep feeling like he had found something to make him rich fast. Unfortunately, it was not real and we had to remove the trades. The client felt a sense of entitlement to these false "profits" and thus began all of the legal and other sort of threats. We will not change our response regardless of any threats or public discussion of this issue. We are sorry that you feel upset about this, but you can feel free to log into an account on our website and then log into any other broker and compare M1 Oil charts. You will not find another place with this sort of price action going on. We will not correct the charts and will leave them as such so you can freely make all of the comparisons you want.

If you have other trades placed during this time on other pairs we can discuss them by email and determine how to best handle them, but we will not discuss further paying these false profits that in reality did not occur.


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Sounds to me like a broker got burned and is like all their clients when they call them scammers saying they moved or manipulated prices! Is that what you are saying @TradersWay that I stole your money? Did price offer at those levels quickly? Yes! How in reality were those trades closed as loses?