SCAM Alert - Charged my card without my authorization

Master Yoda

If you are a man of your word why many people are calling your company a scam?
There are so many cases where clearly the clients are victims


Private, 1st Class
I am waiting for more than 4 weeks for funds to arrive and what your company doing is finding new excuses every time not to payback. what is your explanation on this ??

Well all along it was a technical mistake made by the wire system, i did apologize to john and kept on communication with him almost every day
the reason the refund held back was lack of forms from his end which resolved....
bottom line john got his 500$ back and invested 2k more after it with me
SO ALL OF YOU GUYS THAT GOOGLE ME AND FOUND THIS MISTAKE ABOUT ME PLEASE READ MORE.... I AM A MAN OF MY WORD AND TraderXP never let non of my clients down trading wise or getting clients money(withdrawal)
And the BONUS is not a must by the way