5Starsforex withdrawal problem


I invested $500 in this broker at 16.6.2015. My account number is 109785. I requested to withdraw at 02.07.2015, but they have been excused for four month. They have been said " there is no problem your request will be done" . for example they said " you have to trade 10 lot to withdraw, , I Ttraded 12 lot but I have never received any money. Finally I said " I don't want profit I want deposit only. But they didn't even pay my deposit. My balance is $2343 now. I have request from FPA manager. Please do any necessary action to scam this broker as soon as possible.
I`m waiting for help from FPA

detailed account:
password investor:Movahedi1987


Have you left a 1 star review for the broker yet? If not, do it now. Then file an FPA Traders Court case.


  • Website: 5starsforex.com
  • Year since: 2014
  • Headquarters: Seychelles
  • Company registration: 5Stars Markets Ltd., Seychelles
  • Regulation: not regulated
  • Notes: Introducing broker
The bitter truth is that this is most possibly the worst type of broker to go with a live account because there is almost nothing much you can do if the broker simply wind-up and move their bucketshop company.

Try to find out which broker this bucketshop broker is representing and file a complaint there.
P/S: There is a person going by the name of "Indonesia Jon" a.k.a "Jonpada Sembiring" who have posted at 100ForexBrokers site his long "live chat" with this bucketshop broker for a withdrawal without success on last date 3/Nov/2015....and there are a whole lot of lovely 5 stars posts on this bucketshop broker too which are obviously fakes as they are too nauseating and obnoxious to be true.
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this reminds me of capitalone all over again, i dont mean to be so negative but this company and its owner is on a bad record streak, leave them a 1 star review and invite them to join the discussion.


THEY TOO SCAM ME I have 3 account with normal trade more than 2 minute every trade.,.,.
they don't want pay my profit and my deposit.,.,

i deposit 3000 , 1700 and 900 $ .,, they can't come back my money .,.,.,..


And i did contact FI sweden and this is their reply: Dear Dr Al-Tameemi,

Thank you for your e-mails to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen), our ref. FI Dnr 16-1618. Neither 5 Stars Forex, 5 Stars Markets Ltd nor 5 Stars Financial Groups AB is licensed or registered by Finansinspektionen to conduct financial operations in Sweden, as you can see on our website under Company Register (http://www.fi.se/Folder-EN/Startpage/Register/Company-register/). According to the documents you have sent us, 5 Stars Forex/5 Stars Markets Ltd seems to be based in the Seychelles and I would therefore recommend that you contact the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (http://www.fsaseychelles.sc/).

If I have interpreted your e-mail correctly, you fear that you might have been the victim of investment fraud. You should therefore contact the police both in Ukraine and in Sweden. Information about the Swedish Police is available both in Arabic and in English (https://polisen.se/ar/Languages/Arabiska/ and https://polisen.se/en/Languages/Startpage/, respectively). You might get in touch with the National Fraud Centre (Nationellt bedrägericentrum), which works specifically with these matters.

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