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Problem Attention about MxTrade

I am having an issue with a company
KTY, since you are such a hardworking person, could you please explain to LeoT how he can close all positions and withdraw all of his money? I believe that should be enough to resolve the issue.

Dear Pharaoh,

Yes i am an hard worker and as i said i am doing everything i can for my clients. Maybe i was not clear enough or you didn't understand the issue.. His position are already closed. The company and I are so upset cause we called him several times, offering the money ( and as i told you i have the proof) to solve the problem caused by a bug in the platform but he is not answering us. At all. If he is not answering, how can we solve it?
Dear my friends
I spoke with RCS. They had admitted the error.
May be a Bug, but that is not enough. I don't believe it. Now the bug come out because I creamed. I have the first letter where they told me that my loss is correct. NO BUG.
I told to rcs that with their spread you lose everything you do.
Surprise.. Today they changed it. Now it's normal, but it's not normal to change it now....Why did they change it? I have the screenshots.
Listen to me. I asked to RCS to give me back my money more the gain of that day.
If I had earned 250.000 $ with the bug, Would they have given me the money? I don't think so..
I think that that day I earned money. Lot of money...
Thank you
Dear MTY

You said that the mxtrade didn't ask me money. It's false
I have a recorded phone call. Do you want the name who asked me money? At the moment I don't want to tell the name.
I have a lot of called where the broker asked me money.
I'm not kidding.
Is the phone call in English? Can you upload it to a file sharing site?

If losses were caused by incorrect spreads and a bug, those should be compensated.
23 March 2015

Dear Mr. xxxxxxxxx


Further to our telephone correspondence we have reached to the following settlement:

• Your request for the partial reimbursement of the loss suffered due to the trade you placed on 19 February 2015 (ticket ID 9992860) that resulted in the loss of USD82.500 is approved.

• The settlement will be in the form of bonus of USD 60,000 on your Trading Account (Account No. xxxxxxx) with the Terms and Conditions, as documented on Object moved. The USD 60.000 are considered bonus at your disposal for trading, but you can’t ramson it.

• You shall proceed with permanently deletion of all and any negative comments, posts or insertions made on internet websites, social networks and forums that are linked to R Capital Solutions Ltd and/or its brand MXTRADE.

• You shall email to CySEC informing them that your complaint was properly handled by the compliance department of the Company and you have been reimbursed since the loss suffered was due to a pricing error by the Company’s Liquidity Provider.

• You will also be provided with a special contact who will be available on a daily basis to assist you with your operations and activities related to MX Trade.

The amount of USD 60.000 of bonus will be transferred to your Trading account upon your arrangement with CySEC and the submission to the Company of respective evidence at compliance@rcapitalsolutions.com.

This is an official agreement and both parties the "Company" (R Capital Solutions Limited) and the "Client" (Alberto Torresini) are bound for its performance.

Mr. Alberto Torresini agrees to accept this condition in full and final settlement of any complains, issues or
Problems that he has with R Capital Solutions Ltd and/or its brand MXTRADE and he declares that as a result of this Agreement, he has no further claims against the Company.

Please arrange for this agreement to be signed and scan it back to us at compliance@rcapitalsolutions.com.

This is the letter that mxtrade sent to me.
Where Can I read about bug?
I'm not stupid how mxtrade believes.
I won't sign it never. Ok
In my opinion, a pricing error by the LP should be resolved by the broker and/or the LP. I don't see how a Non-withdrawable bonus is an adequate settlement to your issue. If you agree, inform MxTrade and Cysec that the offered solution is not adequate.

You can also ask MXTrade why they want every mention of a real technical issue that cost a client money needs to be removed from public view.
I have already written to cysec , mxtrade and RCS too several time.
Here, there is a scam, fraud. OK....NOT a simple error.
I told them about that my MT4 was blocked and 4 minutes disapperared. They answered that the blame was a bug.. They think I 'm a stupid
I told them about them spread It's not correct. They changed it immediately.. They think I'm a stupid.
We can't close the problem with easy, as if nothing had.
Italian Mxtrade must pay the the damage, not a simple refund.


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Four days ago I received an email from mxtrade where I read which will be sold within a short time.
The new company "LAU Global Sercices Corporation" is in Hong Kong.
I Tried to find them Licence to IFSC. Pity that The Licence doesn't exist.
No exist in the Licence IFSC Belize...(IFSC License Number IFSC/00/000/TS/00)
I tried to send an email: Surprise.... Server error. Forsooth strange that you can't write to them.
I tried to call to mxtrade to ask more information. No answer.
I tried to call with phone the LAU (+1-888-292-5648). I do not take the connection. It's not funny.

If I have denounced mxtrade for scam to cysec, does the LAU know about the scam and fraud? I don't think so.
I wouldn't want that mxtrade sold only to cover up the deception.
Dear my friend
Today Maxtrade today change company. The new one is Lau global Services Corporation, but the italian branch is still followed from Italian People.
The same people who stole me money with scam. This people are working with two forex. I know because they are using the same phone numbers.
To all friend who live in Italy.
Pay attention about those people.
They are very dangeorus. (I don't know if I can post the name)