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Yesterday I made a credit card payment to fund my account at avafx. I followed up with a live chat to ensure they had received the payment. They informed me they had not received a payment. I provided them with a copy from my credit card company showing a payment had been received by them. Avafx said they would look into it. Today I followed up with Avafx and was told they did not have a payment from me. I went to my credit card company and received documentation Avafx had been paid and taken the funds. I informed Avafx of my conversation and again Avafx said they would look into the matter. My credit card company also provided me with documentation where Avafx had tried to debit my credit card a second time for an unauthorized withdrawal. I communicated that information to Avafx and have now requested they credit my credit card with the original amount plus the transactions costs charged by my credit card. I said to have this done by today as Avafx continues to tell me they are 'investigating' the matter.


In a case like this, ask your credit card issuing bank to do a charge back. If the first agent you talk to can't handle this, ask to be transferred to someone in the fraud department.

Watch your statements very closely. Make sure you are refunded and that no new charges show up.