1. T

    Avatrade is SCAM !!! They stole my profit !!!

    My account number is 80062623. It's a long story please don't mind. On 3rd April, I saw crude oil has rose more than 15% in a single day, this day is the trading day before weekend and there are news said that opec+ meeting will be held on next monday. So I shorted crude oil before market...
  2. AvaTrade CCare

    AvaTrade Rolls Out MetaTrader 5

    The globally regulated broker added to its wide range of platform MetaTrader 5, the powerful platform for Foreign Exchange markets Dublin, March 2, 2020: AvaTrade, the leading forex and CFD broker, is proud to announce the release of MetaTrader 5, adding to an already extensive range of...
  3. AvaTrade CCare

    AvaTrade Announces a New Regulation Under Abu Dhabi Global Markets

    ABU DHABI, UAE, Feb 10th, 2020: AvaTrade, the leading forex and CFD broker, is proud to announce today the newest licenced company within the Ava Group – 'AvaTrade Middle East Ltd (FSPN 190018) – which will be regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Markets ('ADGM') Financial Regulatory Services...
  4. AvaTrade CCare

    AvaTrade is Changing the Game with AvaProtect™

    Starting today, AvaTrade clients can open positions while enjoying guaranteed protection from losses. Dublin, Jan 27th, 2020: AvaTrade, a leading award-winning CFD broker, is changing the trading world by releasing AvaProtect, a revolutionary one-click risk management tool. With AvaProtect...
  5. N

    Avaforex Issue.

    Hi Im Philip from Ghana i started trading with a broker of avaforex trading a month ago and i have still not recieved my payout yet he has told for my payout to work i need to pay 300 dollars and i did now hes telling me the money keeps reversing so i need to pay 100 dollars to get my payout...
  6. AvaTrade CCare

    AvaTrade Reduces Spreads and Becomes One of The Most Competitive Brokers Around!

    Dublin, Nov 5th, 2019: AvaTrade, the leading forex and CFD broker, announced today the reduction of its spreads, across all assets, by 50%. This exciting reduction is part of the company’s ongoing strategy to put customer satisfaction first. On top of these reduced spreads, AvaTrade has...
  7. J

    Avatrade withdraw problem

    Hello admins and traders see the problem here I received transaction from Avatrade /see the screenshot/ after I asked to cancel it , since skrill limited my skrill account. They did the cancellation and the funds are in their skrill account now, and I ask them to make the transaction again...
  8. R


    My Account No. is 6325959. For over two weeks now, I have been trying to withdraw from my Ava trade forex Account but the company kept rejecting it without any explanation. When I got in touch with Customer Service, the reply was that, it was due to wrong Account Number. I tried four more times...
  9. M

    Is Avatrade.com a scam broker?

    Hello every body. Have a happy trade I am newbie. Someone shows me avatrade.com to begin on trade. Is avatrade.com a good broker? Have you traded on it? Please tell me your idead. Thanks so much.
  10. A

    AVAtrade cancelled my profits

    Dear members please see the screenshot attached, you can see a row "debit due to technical issues". They cancelled my profits of $582, the reason is my UBill is not valid, but they could ask me for a new BIll before cancelling my profits. Be carefull with this broker and please give me an...
  11. pipsway

    avapartner.com the affiliation program of avatrade.com is a SCAM

    Hi Everybody, I'm here to report serious abuses and practices of AVA through its affiliation program avapartner.com. I've started working with AVA in Mar 2018 after we discussed a CPA deal and I've started the campaign for them in line with their Agreement, T&C and Code of Conduct. The first 4...
  12. G

    Avatrade scam

    Please be advised. Dear people Avatrade are thieves. $500 just stolen from me. When I asked for it. Just just send an email. "All your trading accounts have been blocked.
  13. N


    I have had an account with Avatrade for several years. I must admit that my fortunes have not worked out for me but posting my case as a potential warning and threat for people considering signing with them. My account managers over the years have been Aaron (forget his last name) who is no...
  14. R


    I trade on the AVATRADE; Account 5050802-USD. Ava abruptly closed all my orders on August 23, 2018, without any reason. Previously, the balance on the balance is about $ 400, now $ 0.00. On MT4 transaction software, Ava has transferred money back to my card (charge back), however up to now...
  15. A

    AVATRADE / AVAPARTNER SCAM $160,000 from affiliate

    Hello. My friends works as an Affiliate for Avatrade, He also has employees. Avatrade haven't paid him. They actually sent him proof close to the 15th of when he was meant to be paid showing proof that £91,000 was sent to him. Anyway the following Monday he contacted them after payment was...
  16. T

    AvaOptions deposit scam

    I opened an AvaOption trade account and wired EUR 500 to the account about 3 weeks ago. The money has not been credited so far and the sales agent is ignoring my calls and emails with proof of deposit from my bank. My account number is 801139405. The German phone number is invalid and live...
  17. K

    Resolved - Scammed by an AVAtrade employee

    So...short story is. My elderly father got way in over his head in stupidity and confusion. my father signed up to avatrade a while back and made a deposit (which we still don't have access to). We were assigned an account manager, but that changed to a different one. The new account manager...
  18. SulaymanFx

    Ava Trade affiliate scam

    I am an affiliate with ava trade and have had my money blocked since the 8th of November 2017. The issue was at first that I wasnt somehow hitting required spreads when I wasnt told about this from the start as I recieved payments before this even tho I didn't hit it. Then I started working on...
  19. moonvalley

    AvaTrade is a scam

    My father and I made a series of deposits into our accounts at AvaTrade last year, totalling roughly USD3800 (USD1000 + USD2800). This entire amount had been withdrawn successfully back to the respective credit/debit card and PayPal accounts. Noting how hard it was to withdraw money from...
  20. F

    Avatrade scam / hoax / fraud

    I made a $640 deposit via bank transfer from my paypal bank account to your bank account at 24 Jan 2018. The bad thing is I have not received that money into my avatrade account 6458253. It seems like avatrade is scamming me for my money and not responding in anyway!!!phones,emails,online...