bloombex-options scam


i am atef
i have recieved many calls from employer called fahid basiouni

and dr sultan
telling me that we have a great offer for you ( 60 days risk free trading ) and

after that i will withdraw all my balance with the profite

after many calls and promises
i agreed to open account
i opened an account at at 10-2-106 with initial depsoite 15000$ with my credite

they opened 3 trads for gold for one day from 11-2-2016 to 12-2-2016 total

amount 5000$ all won

then i have requested withdrawl 800 $ which was approved and i recieved the money

to my credite card
then they opend 5 trads on oil at 15-2-2016 untill 24-3-2016 evey one 3500$
all finsihed and won
at 29-2-2016 i rquested 500$ withdrawl which approve and i recieved the money

at 24-3-206 i deposited 500$ and at 14-4-2106 i doposited 250 $ by credite card

then they talled me we will extend your ensurance period for one month and i have

to depsoiste 10000$ to open tads on gold for twoo weeks whic is 100% will won
at 13-4-2016 i deposite 9959 % by bank wire
they promised that i will able to withdraw all my money at start of may by bank

at start of may i tried to contact fahid basiouni and dr sulatn but they did not

but i have recived call from dr khaled shaheen from and he

talled me that he is a vice manager of the company and he will be a my account

and talled me that they opened trads on bank of germany on gold with 50000$ with

my name and it wone so total profite is 72000$ and total amount is 1147094 $
i can withdraw all
so i talled hime ok withdarw but he talled me that the bank of germany want

guarentee 15000 $ to be able to withdarwl all the money
i talled hime i can not i do not have and the last 10000$ i have deposite i

borrowed from a friend and dr sulatn promised i will get the money within twoo

weeks why you ask more money. he talled me that this is the regualtions of the

i asked hime to send to an official confirmation letter from the bank confirm that

they will tranfere to my bank account the money but he talled me the bank can not

send it

he sent this email at Tue, May 3, 2016 at 10:06 AM

Dear Dr. Atif,

The bank is an Business to business contact partner, they can’t send the client any

document because the bank account is under the company’s beneficiary name. I sent

you the most official document from the company and the FSA regulation guarantee.

This should close your case in your contact with bank of Kuwait.
and at 28-4-2016 he send me a paper from finacial sevice authorities whic include

Mr. /Mrs. Atif Ahmad
Dear Customer,
Thank you for your email dated 28 April from Bloombex about your dissatisfaction,
And for bringing this matter to our attention. We note the very serious nature of

your allegations.
We have examined the information contained in your email and given the allegations

careful consideration. From the information available to us, we guarantee to get

back all your money from Bloombex from Germany Bank with the information contained

in the given email to your own bank account after suspending the amount which of

15,000 USD.
This is to confirm that we regard you as a customer of our branch, Account number

Bloombex Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales under company number

08663212 and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under

firm reference
number 607305.

you’re faithfully,
Bloombex investments Limited
Zluti Marketing Services, Limited
Phone: +44 203 6085158
Address: Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY, UK

after that i talled him this paper is not enough send me an official paper form

the bank to give it to my bank to give me the 15000$ but he talled me bank of

germany can not but he send me an email with the name of bank called Deutsche

Bundesbank in Germany after i searched it i found that is the central bank of

germany after which is not trading
i talled hime can not
after few days i recieved call from dr.khaled shaheen he talled me he can send a

paper from bank of america los anglos branch

at DATE: May 15, 2016
he sent me a paper with th bank of america .about what he talled
i went to my bank gave it it to the manager all papers they sent
after 2 days i recieved the reply form my bank that all papers are fake
i talled him that but he denied

at 22-52016

i sent emails to spport team . compliance department . fahid basiouni. dr khaled

shaheen include that

Atef ahmed Abd el Rahim <>
AttachmentsMay 22-5-2016

to Support team ( )

urgent for

i am dr atef ahmed abd elraheem

trading account number at
355983 (email )

i am here to inform your company to stop any action on my account (like trading

.depositing bonus.cancellation or delay of withdrawl ......) except
approval of my withdrawl request of all my account balance by bank wire to my bank

account provided in the withdrawl request from sent to your complaince department

at 22-5-2016 as per agreement with your employers fahid basioni ,dr sultan

done at 10-2-2016 after opening of my account which included trading for 6o days

risk free trads and time finished at 10-4-2016 and after that i can withdraw all my


so accordingley i warn the and all of its employers about

any action will happen in my account number 355983 (email )
so the company will be responible legally for any action or loss happen or will

occur in my account . and will be legally reponsible for refunding me any loss .

and will be legally responible in front of all legal and financial autorities

about any delay of money transfere to my bank account , cancellation of my

withdrawl requests
also refund all attronyes and laywers fees arising directly or indirectly .and any

action will be carried on my account except approval of my withdrawl request

i will keep all rights to complain against your company
in front of all legall.websites and financial authorities regarding my balance

amount plus The amount of compensation
that i decide accroding to the level of socail , pshychological, finanicail harms

resulting from your
mis action and abuse of online financial service

thanks for your co operation
dr atef ahmed abd el raheem
sunday 22-5-2016
(email )

mobile : +965 99924309
singature : atef ahmed


then at 22-5-2016 i have made a withdrawl request for all my account balance 41709

with all document required and asked them to close my account after revieving a

confirmation email from me that the money have been tarnsfered to my banck account
i sent this to comlpiance . after few hours in

the sam day sunday 22-4-2016 i recived email from support team

( include that

Support Bloombex <>
May 22 (2 days ago)

Hello Atef.
In order to complete your withdrawal process you first have to finish your account

verification and sign on a withdrawal form.
You are still missing some DOD form – declaration of deposit for the deposits after

February .
In addition, please sign on the withdrawal form, with your full banking details for

a wire transfer.

The form is to be sent to the compliance department - compliance@bloombex-

Thank you for your cooperation.
Please be patient.


Best Regards,
Victoria Belkin
Do not hesitate to contact us again.
Support Team
USA (Toll-Free) : +18662029657
London: +442036951155
Australia: +61290984384
i replied with this email

Atef ahmed Abd el Rahim <>
AttachmentsMay 22 (2 days ago)

to Support
please look at attachment
i am already finished everything before and i mad twoo withdrawl requests and

all papers sent before to fahid basiouni ( my account manager ) and approved and

i sent last withdarwl request with all papers to your compliance department but

no response

please finish my last withdrawl request to my bank by bank wirre as early as

possible and close my account after you recieve confirmation email from this email

with a written consent by me to close the account as after closing my account .

thank you for your co operation

dr atef ahmed
sunday 22-5-2016

but at monday 23-52016 i opened my account at
i found a surprise

they opended long term trads on my account with all my balance (41000$ ) untill 30

without any permission or informing me and cancelled my withdrawl which against all

rules and regulations

this means that this company is a big scam and they steal the money and they want

to burn my account
n.b any body can help or have experience this this

every thing is documented . all documents are in attachment
dr atef ahmed

contacts of details of this company employers

1- Dr. Khaled Shaheen | Vice President
Phone: +442036951155
Skype: Dr.Khaled.bloombex
2-Fahid Basiouni | Arabic Desk Manager
Phone: +442036951155
Skype: fahidb.bloombex

3- Support Team
USA (Toll-Free) : +18662029657
London: +442036951155
Australia: +61290984384


documents part 1


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emails with support team


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emails withkhaled shaheen from bloombex
Dr. Khaled Shaheen | Vice President




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other documents


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Brigadier General
1. If you haven't already done so, leave them a nice, shiny 1 star review here:

2. You mentioned a card for deposits. Start off by asking the fraud department at your bank about a chargeback. If that fails, then consider seeking professsional assistance from a company like WinChargeback.

3. This is not your first report of being scammed by a binary options broker. Please commit this to memory:

No good investment will hunt you down and call you. Good investments don't need to cold call customers. Binary options are not good investments. Even if there was an honest binary options broker (something I doubt), the payouts vs losses put you at worse odds than betting on red or black at the roulette table at a casino. At least casinos let clients walk out with winnings. The vast majority of binary brokers won't even refund what's left of your initial deposit. Work as hard to avoid binary options brokers as you would to avoid catching a case of ebola.


Bloombex-Options (GreyMountain) Rep.
Hi there,

I’m the Customer Relations Manager @ Bloombex Options.

I would like to apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment that you have experienced in dealing with our services.

I’m here to provide assistance and help you with any matter that you might have.

Please feel free to contact me at any time:


Michele S.