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Classifieds - Categories

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by AsstModerator, Aug 10, 2008.

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    Dec 11, 2007
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    FPA Classified Ads Categories

    Welcome to the FPA's Classified Ads section. I've set up categories and described them below.

    Advertisers and readers need to be aware of a few things...

    1. The FPA cannot vouch for how well any product or service offered here. Anyone caught trying to scam FPA members here will be hunted down and dealt with severely.

    2. If you see anything here that you know is illegal (for example, pirated or counterfeit items), please use the Report Abuse button on the post.

    3. If you see someone offering impossible claims of success, don't report them. Instead, challenge the, to post real proof of their claims.

    4. If you've been scammed by someone or some company being advertised here, post about it. Also, get a thread about the problem opened in the FPA's Scam Alerts folder.

    5. Other places in the forums, company employees and affiliates need to explicitly state how they are related to the company. In the classifieds, it's assumed that everyone posting offers is working for the company or is an affiliate.

    The current categories in the FPA's Classified Ads are...

    Forex Discounts and Rebates

    Want to offer some sort of discount or rebate to FPA members? Put it here in with a Forex Discounts and Rebates label.

    Please only list real discounts. Websites with permanent 50-75% off "for a limited time only" offers that never change are not real discounts.

    Forex Affiliate Links

    If you want to post an affiliate link for some sort of forex product, put it here and use the Forex Affiliate Links label.

    If you really want people to use your affiliate link instead of going straight to the company's website, tell everyone why they should use your link.

    Services Offered

    Are you a Forex Account Manager, EA Programmer, Forex Website Developer, or something similar? If you can help with a forex project, label your thread as Services Offered.

    Help Wanted

    Are you looking to hire someone for a forex project or forex website? If so, label your thread as Help Wanted.

    Used Forex Stuff

    If you have an old forex book or other item, you can sell it here under the Used Forex Stuff label.

    Some software and ebooks can not legally sold since they are licensed. If you have a licensed item, you will need to check with the company you licensed it from to see if they will let you transfer the license.

    If you have purchased an ebook as an actual purchase and not a license, you probably can legally sell a single copy of it as long as you delete the original and any backups.

    The seller is responsible for making sure that no copyright rules or licensing agreements are violated. Anyone caught deliberately violating copyright laws while selling items here will be permanently banned from FPA's forums. Anyone asking for a free copy of something already sold will be permanently banned.

    When your used item is sold, please make a followup post in your thread so the offer can be removed.

    Links to auctions are permitted. Please include a description of your item along with the link. Make sure to mention when the auction ends.

    New Forex Stuff

    If it's not used and there are no discounts, you can list it here using the New Forex Stuff label.

    Wait a minute? Why aren't you offering a discount? Don't you like us? :p

    Forex Blogs

    The Forex Peace Army does not list sites that are only blogs in the review pages. If you've got a blog that you want the world to see, please post a description and link here and use the Forex Blogs label.

    You can also create your own blog here if you like.

    Everyone here at FPA HQ has already seen all the "I hate Felix and the FPA" propaganda blogs. We've also seen too many blogs which are nothing but "Wow, this company is the greatest so click my link now!" Please don't waste your time posting them here. This area is for legitimate blogs.

    Flea Market

    If it's not forex, legal, and you want to sell it or promote it, this is the category for you. Just put the Flea Market label on your thread.

    The FPA is primarily a forex site. The Flea Market exists for two reasons. The first is to give regular FPA members a place to try sell or promote non-forex items. The second is to remove any claim by that the FPA would deny someone's very important non-forex items a place to be displayed.

    Remember - Legal items only. Anything illegal will be reported to StopForumSpam.com and the person posting it will be permanently banned.
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