Conspiracy Theory - Hotforex Scammed me $14770.25 - Because I gave myself a margin call

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I only move the crazy threads to the Forex Insanity Folder. Congratulations on being the first person to be involved in 2 threads moved on the same day.

You should do something more productive. Go visit your own thread and join Ed in checking out the liquidity provider claims about HotForex and all the other brokers you mentioned.
FPA members and readers from all over the world must know that FPA by AsstMod. preventing me from accessing the scam alerts folder to post on my thread AND FPA added my thread in scam alert folder to this thread.

What a Shame!!!

This is the democracy!!! Obviously Ads Money talked which tells all people a lot about FPA transparency!!!

So, my case is now listed in Forexinsanity?!!

And other useless nonsense accuses against non advertisement brokers are listed in scam folder and escalated for voting!?!

Hotforex scammed me tens of thousands dollars and all my evidences in my thread AND scammer hotforex email of total awarded bonus extremely over the bonus limit is not enough for traders court case but in forex insanity.
You hijacked more than one thread about another broker to throw in more HotForex comments. This sort of abuse will not be tolerated.

If I was taking bribes as you falsely accuse me of, I'd have wiped out your thread. Instead, I'm leaving it here for all to see.

I invite you to create your own forums and reviews site. Then we can all see how you deal with members who can't behave in a civilized fashion.
This is a lie. I hijacked no threads, maybe mentioned hotforex name in some threads to ask FPA how ironfx cases not marked resolved when client announce that, even if it is a scam just like hotforex.

Didn't you also see my valuable replies helping other members scam cases???

You only saw a little words or 2 in all my replies or clearly was the best excuse you wanted to move my thread here my hotforex command!!!

Great, let all see how you moved my case here, when my subject is about scammer hotforex breaching the contract in many legal points, hotforex breaking margin and bonus policy.

And, hotforex having no LP's when it claims to be STP. I challenged you and them to post the names on its website but no that will become a legal step that hotforex is afraid of because no LP's hotforex market maker.
I challenge you to be transparent and post this:

AsstMod. says I can freely post on my thread(here) when this is what pops up when I post:

Thank you for posting! Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved it for posting.

Moderation Team Note: All posts by all members of all ranks inside the Forex Insanity folder go through moderation.
I do not know if it would have the same patience of FPA moderators to tolerate this guy for so long, he was already messing up other cases, James and Edy are the same person , they are in place they deserve now .
AsstMod. Scandal

When your Boss AsstMod. reveal his scandal, your reply idiocy looks great!!

This is what AsstMod. replied to me in court preparation folder: """I don't know if you and James are the same or not."""

So, AsstMod. who accuse non advertising brokers on FPA review pages for sending their employees to post positive reviews don't know if Ed and James are same person or not??

Then on what basis you AsstMod. are judging the brokers claiming the positive reviews are coming from its employees?!?!! When you have no system that can figure that in high %, if 2 persons accounts and posts can be figured by you if it's coming from same person or not.

I believe like many in and out FPA that brokers are not that stupid to tell their employees or even the last have the least cleverness not to post positive reviews from the broker ip location.

So, at least most of AsstMod. claims against brokers that don't advertise on FPA, for posting positive reviews, as a reason to post a warning against on their FPA review page is all fake claims by FPA AsstMod.

And hey jones fpa and hotforex boy, my patience is the one holding, soon it will add FPA to my list if it will not show transparency toward my case.

And don't worry, if FPA refuse to escalate my thread against scammer hotforex to traders court open cases and for voting because of protecting the FPA advertisement scammer hotforex, how hotforex scammed me is and will continue be known by the whole world on dozens of forex review pages, at end here or there GOOGLE generator spreads the word quickly.

And, tell your Master scammer hotforex that for every contract they sign with FPA and other website for adding its fake scam advertisement, I'll be there to remind all traders over the world of how hotforex scammed me and is continuing scamming others and posting fake claims of being STP when it's a pure market maker as I already proved so far.

If you continue to attack fellow FPA members in an uncivilized fashion, I will have no choice but to ban you. Joneslds does not work for the FPA. He's just a member who sees that something is very wrong with how you and James C Connor are dealing with your claims.

I don't know if you and James are the same or not. James has used anonymous proxies to create his account and for his postings.

When I do mark a review as having come from a brokerage, it's because I have PROOF. You would be amazed at how many broker employees create a company representative forums account from the same location that they chose to spam from.

I usually don't know who is advertising. My login and the logins of my review moderators block all the advertisements. Companies with serious warnings on their review pages don't get ad contracts. When I add a serious warning to a review page, I notify the ad department. When a company asks about an ad contract, the ad department notifies me and I say Yes, No, or Short-term only. At that point, I don't follow through on the permitted ones to see if the contract was finalized or not.

On those few occasions where I do know a company has a contract and a borderline review comes in, I hold the advertisers to a higher standard, not a lower one.

You failed to provide evidence to show anything more than getting a margin call.

Your other claim is about getting more bonuses than one bonus program allowed. You did not present evidence which could help show if more than one bonus program was involved. Even if HotForex did violate their own terms by awarding you excessive bonuses, the awarding of excess bonuses does not qualify as a scam. This would be the same no matter what broker awarded the bonus. If you have a problem with that, you should have complained to HotForex the moment it happened instead of waiting until after you suffered an unrelated loss. If you still want to pursue an "excess bonus" issue, I suggest you file a complaint with HotForex's regulator or file a lawsuit.

If you decide to trade forex with any broker in the future, I recommend you decline all bonus offers.
First, I'll like to reveal with PROOF how FPA deal with cases, raising some directly to voting and keeping others in drawer like my case against scammer hotforex.

Look at this case:

No personal offense for the original poster but this is a pure example of how because he's friends with FPA or called a "sergeant" of FPA his case was escalated that fast to voting, for God Sake look at his few posts, clear replies of why it was escalated-relation with FPA....and how the broker had no opportunity to reply, broker being real scam or not or willing to reply or not is another case, this is a clear example how FPA deal with cases according to personal relation, if the relation is friendship here, you can imagine what FPA can do when the relation is related to MONEY like in my case against the FPA advertiser and all time scammer hotforex.
His case with single claim of being scammed for a ridiculous amount and few posts was escalated, my case with over 100 posts of proofs stayed in preparation folder slept in drawer by FPA!!
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