Conspiracy Theory - Hotforex Scammed me $14770.25 - Because I gave myself a margin call

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AsstMod said: If you feel any words from the FPA are illegal, I invite you to publicly post a link to the exact law which you claim was broken.

Hey FPA, you don't know that the non existence of the criminal but only the victim and the judge in any court session in any country in the world means the session do not even start or at least not after the first session, it will not continue but will be postponed with warning to the criminal to come to court and defend itself, if the criminal do not come to court, it will be condemned because hotforex condemned itself by not coming to court but leaving FPA to be the judge and lawyer defending it.

If FPA do not know that this is illegal, any boy or girl in any pice of country in the world knows that.

FPA Stop making of yourself kids, proving to all the readers worldwide that all FPA system is based on no legal law court basics.
You don't show any understanding about how real legal proceedings works. The FPA does its best to follow the US model in order to make certain that Traders Court cases are as fair as possible.

You can't walk into a court and demand that someone answer for criminal charges. You first have to make a complaint. The complaint will be investigated. If your evidence is sufficient to warrant it, then the person you accuse may be questioned. Some complaints require very little evidence. A person holding an IOU (account balance) who can't collect it has an obvious claim against the person (broker) who took the loan. A case involving fast market movements and what effects a bonus may have on this needs to show trading records.

In this case, you are acting like a guy who's house (trading account) burned down. You blame the gas company, because they gave you some extra propane for free. They gave you more than the advertisement said they would, and you claim this proves the violated the contract, even though you didn't bother to complain about this before any problems happened. The investigators have to consider that the issue could have been from some other source. As it happens, there's a surviving hard drive from a security camera (your trading statement) which will show exactly what happened. If it shows a gas company employee coming in and starting the fire, charges will be filed and a quick conviction will result. If it shows you turning on an electric heater next to a pile of old newspapers which catch fire, there's no need to even call the gas company. For some reason, you refused to provide the one piece of evidence in your possession which will prove or disprove your claims.

Any district attorney in the world would throw you and your case out of his office. The decision on your Traders Court filing mirrors this. Wake up and face reality. The facts is that you failed to share the only evidence which would make or break your claims against HotForex. No amount of malicious lies you think up about the FPA will change this.

Good luck with your future trading career. I suggest you avoid all bonuses in the future. I also suggest you read Pharaoh's article on risk management.

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Firstly, all Forexpeacearmy and other readers can clearly see and feel how Forexpeacearmy Asstmod. is showing his bad feelings against the victim(me) and his total good feelings to the criminal hotforex, so how can such unqualified judge take a decision in my case??
His emotions are clearly felt in his reply of words like "would throw you and your case out of his office", WOW! would any judge in the world tell that in the court to the victim?? Instead, the criminal hotforex would be dragged to the court like pussycats when hotforex is hiding away of justice, protected by forexpeacearmy which condemns it too by LAW or you don't know that forexpeacearmy?? now you surely know, so stop protecting the scammer hotforex!!!

Secondly, it seems must teach Forexpeacearmy unqualified judges how legal complaints start and finish, after Forexpeacearmy showed lack of knowledge or and lies in Asstmod. post.
A complaint starts by going to the police station, the investigator is obliged to open a case, writing the complaint details within the defendant name address phone number for the investogatvir to contact him and take his view/opinion for the complaint.
You might ask, why the investigator or police man responsible to write the complaint is "obliged" to do so if someone come in the police station to accuse another, simply first because the investigator don't know anything about the case, he must ask the other party(defendant) to get a clear idea, second because the defendant have the full right to make a counter complaint or accuse the complainant if the case turns to be false.
Simply, you can ask the police station to investigate anyone for any case you feel hurted ofcourse with least basic details of the case, that's your right, as you know the defendant right to give opinion after the police station obliged to hear the other side of story.
After both parties are listened to, the investigator or police man responsible in station calls the solicitor general to get a decision and inform both parties about especially the defendant who will be kept in the police station until the solicitor general gives a decision.
Even if the defendant is left to leave by the solicitor general decision after signing that he'll not attack or threaten the complainant at anytime and place, after the complaint case get raised to him, the solicitor general or attorney general may decide to take it further on to the court if the case turns to become more important than what the investigator in police station explained over the phone.
When the case reach the court after informing both parties complainant and defendant about the court first session by the police station, the defendant is also informed of being punished by law if he didn't go to the court to defend himself.
After all this explaination, what Forexpeacearmy had done in my case against acammer hotforex?
First, Forexpeacearmy is the police station, investigator, solicitor general or and attorney general, and court judge too!!!!!!!
I filed a complaint at Forexpeacearmy scam folder cases that is the police station, Forexpeacearmy accepted it by its investigator role as my case stayed in Forexpeacearmy scam folder for 2 months, barely asked any serious questions then illegally changed the case name!!!! AND removed the case to forex insanity folder, so the solicitor general that's Forexpeacearmy AsstModerator decided that the complainant is insane, ok great! bring an official doctor to prove that then if turned not to be fake accusation by Forexpeacearmy, turn the complainant to the Maniacs Hospital, and Asstmod.!! also illegally changed the case subject, this is a clear break of the law by Asstmod. in his solicitor general role!!! you Asstmod. can be charged and fired from your solicitor general job in any country for your this illegal action!!!
Most importantly, cases like mine against scammer hotforex can't be held by attorney general especially after the complainant insist in accusing the scammer hotforex providing lot of evidences that attorney or solicitor general have no role to go into details and ask the complainant many questions, that's not your job, it's the job of the court judge after you Asstmod. when you took the role of attorney general obliged process my case to the court, not illegally keep it in the drawer.
I ED_forex am still accusing scammer hotforex and will continue here and elsewhere, so if the scamemr hotforex is not a criminal, let it come to court and defend itself after Forexpeacearmy stop defending it suspiciously playing the judge and lawyer role!!!, the whole world are seeing how fair ED_Forex is while FPA continuing its unfair illegal actions far of anything named LAW!
Keep your risk management article for yourself and Pharaoh after you both become real traders in the market not site moderators and articles readers, by then if you need help inform me asap!

Note: There are many evidences in my case against scammer hotforex but Forexpeacearmy preffered to keep blind eyes on all and lately asked for my account detailed statement to manipulate it as others, anyway Forexpeacearmy Assmod. and pharaoh scandal questions after me and James proved that hotforex have no LP's prove that you Forexpeacearmy asstmod. pharaoh already took the decision from long time in condemning the victim not the criminal in any case against an Forexpeacearmy advertising broker, so Forexpeacearmy stop wasting your time trying to fabricate stories against the victim Ed_Forex to defend the scammer criminal hotforex.

No detailed statement will be handed to Forexpeacearmy the proven unqualified one side judge!!!!

forexpeacearmy to show any transparency must NOW open traders court for my case for voting when scammer hotforex don't want to defend itself but stay running from justice.

Don't worry forexpeacearmy, hotforex will still pay you for advertising since you can still manipulate the voting results later on to continue protecting the scammer hotforex.

* Again, i wonder where's James?? Seems blocked from posting by forexpeacearmy no democracy!!!!
I see your day job is writing some really bad science fiction movies. You know, the kind where minor issues like the effects of gravity and vacuum are ignored since thinking about them takes effort.

Walk into any police station raving about some wild conspiracy and refuse to present the one piece of evidence that would make or break your case. Then tell everyone how quickly the cops rush off to interrogate the person you are making accusations against. If you had bothered to present the requested evidence,then HotForex would have been invited to join the discussion.

A forum admin changing a subject line in a forum is illegal? LMFAO!!!! When you get that one into court, please call me as a witness. I can testify about a lot of other subject lines AsstMod has changed over the years. :p Please please please post a link to the law that shows how this is illegal.

It looks to me like James took his ball and went home. Check his profile and you can see he hasn't bothered to come back since his last response. Is there some reason you feel compelled to hurl new false accusations every time you post? I recommend that if you make up some new wild accusations that you finally have your account get a well-deserved permanent ban.

This quote is priceless:

How it lead to losses, hey wake up FPA, more bonus up to $136000 instead of $30000, FPA do not know that it means opening higher lots encouraging over leverage!?!

So, you are saying that a broker somehow forced you to accept excessive amounts of bonuses, that you didn't object to this (c'mon - most likely you requested additional bonus money and the someone at HotForex was dumb enough to give it to you), and that this removed your brain's ability to deal with the basic concepts of risk management.

So, let me summarize your "case".

"HotForex stole my money when price moved." - Price moved huge distances in a very short time during the SNB-CHF incident. Liquidity ranged from thin to non-existent. Without seeing your trading statement, it's impossible to asses if HotForex did anything other than avoid charging you for having a negative balance. From what little evidence you have provided, it appears you went into the situation only 45 pips away from having a zero balance.

"HotForex promised I could only lose $30K." - That was a reference to the $30k cash you deposited. Many new traders get the idea that they can lose the bonus and then withdraw their deposit unharmed. Hotforex was trying to explain how things worked.

"HotForex gave me too much bonus." - One program had a $30k limit on bonuses. Without seeing your statement, it's impossible to tell if you got the extra bonus money at the same time as the initial $30k (which would be somewhat odd, possibly even suspicious), or if it came in as 1 or more additional bonuses, indicating you either got it under different programs or that you somehow persuaded HotForex to give more bonuses at your request.

"Having too much bonus made me trade too heavily" - If I owned a Lamborghini, I could drive down Interstate 4 at over 200 miles per hour - after all, the surf's up at Daytona and I'm in a hurry. If I was stupid enough to do this, no sane judge would accept a case that the excessive horsepower removed my ability to drive at a legal and reasonable speed. No police officer or DA would even bother to send a note to Lamborgini asking them to make a statement over the issue.

One by one, all of your arguments about what HotForex "did" to you fail.


I think you need to take some time of from trading and get some counseling about issues of personal responsibility. Throwing temper tantrums and making up lie after lie to attack anyone who doesn't support you only shows that you aren't fully capable of dealing with the consequences of your own actions.
forexpeacearmy continuing its lies to cheat world readers into thinking that there's not even one evidence by the victim, when there are many evidences through my thread against scammer hotforex that anyone can review previous posts and see it all................

And, it's not your job to go into details of the evidences when you are the investigator, not even believe me or not, the investigator in police station just takes the role of filling the papers by the complainant words about case against the criminal, then inform the solicitor general about it, it's the judge job to ask further questions after the scammer hotforex goes to court to defend itself not hide from justice as hotforex doing.
By then, the scammer hotforex will be asked by the judge what's your opinion or reply on these evidences, not the judge to be hotforex lawyer asking the victim and replying in scammer hotforex name as forexpeacearmy had been doing so far.
So, since forexpeacearmy decided to put my case against scammer hotforex here then you are still in investigator position, not qualified to ask detailed questions, when you become the judge which can only apply when forexpeacearmy raise my case to traders court open cases, then you can ask more questions into the evidences and only after the defendant is present, or else the victim wins the case since the defendant hotforex condemned itself by not coming to court to defend itself.

The whole world can see how I ED provided detailed legal steps of how to complain while forexpeacearmy passed it all with offbase comments from pharaoh as he's used to do!!!

The whole world readers can prove by themselves forexpeacearmy scandal by:

When I file a complaint against any scam company at any respectful regulator, does not the regulator contact the broker to take its opinion about all the evidences provided or the regulator judges on the evidences without listening the other side of story?

How can any judge in any country base decision on any case if he does not ask both sides victim and criminal questions?

I'll start showing many questions by forexpeacearmy pharaoh that must be asked to hotforex not the victim(me), but since forexpeacearmy don't know the least judge role, forexpeacearmy continuing in its illegal actions in my case against hotforex.

pharaoh said:

- c'mon - most likely you requested additional bonus money and the someone at HotForex was dumb enough to give it to you

ED(me): ask that question to hotforex, let it more condemn itself if said i requested any additional bonus, AND in devil view- supposedly the client requested any more bonus, how a broker breaks the contract by bonus policy in providing that??? So, hotforex is not a regulated company ruled by specific regulators terms but a bucketshop giving and taking with no respect of any contract.
And if like forexpeacearmy gave excuse of some dumb employee then who's responsible of the employee? not hotforex?
Added that to show, even in any scenario forexpeacearmy will try to fabricate they and hotforex are in a very bad legal position.

Anyway, my evidence coming from hotforex email of total awarded bonus and that the bonus is 100% credit bonus proofs to the world my credibility, and I don't care about forexpeacearmy seeing it not an evidence, when forexpeacearmy went blind on all my thread other evidences, the public is the importance for me.

- A forum admin changing a subject line in a forum is illegal? LMFAO!!!!

It's not a forum subject Mr ???!!!!, obviously for all people except forexpeacearmy I was and still talking from the legal point, how can a legal case be changed by the investigator, attorney general or even court judge from a subject to another?!!! As if I make a complaint that someone stole my house, so it is categorized in LAW under the point of "Stole" which is the headline of the case for the judge to know what's the case about? thief, murder, bankruptcy, threaten etc
How can any country judge break the law by changing the main subject of accusation?? That's what forexpeacearmy had done for ads money reason.

- Price moved huge distances in a very short time during the SNB -CHF incident. Liquidity ranged from thin to non-existent.

This must be proved by scammer hotforex when providing name of liquidity provider(if any!!) my positions were opened at and provide too detailed price movement in seconds too, by then hotforex or the LP will have to prove all a 5+ trillion transaction market had no liquidity.

In Bt. I have proof of liquidity in seconds from 1.2009 and downward but forexpeacearmy removed the screenshot tab and wants me to use external links AND also my post will be moderated, so my turn will be after james after giving our proofs I get disallowed by forexpeacearmy from accessing my account.

- if it came in as 1 or more additional bonuses, indicating you either got it under different programs or that you somehow persuaded HotForex to give more bonuses at your request.

hahaha isn't that ridiculous forexpeacearmy!!! You believe can laugh at the world with that nonsense!

The statement from hotforex proves my words of one bonus program:

HF Markets Ltd
Bonus Awarded Statement
A/C No: 269022 Date: 2015-03-08 00:00:00

Balance: 0 USD
Equity: 0 USD

Bonus Type: 100% Credit Bonus
Total Bonus Awarded: 136602.05 USD
Bonus Removal: -136602.05 USD
Current (Active) Bonus: 0 USD

Balance Net of Bonus: 0 USD
Equity Net of Bonus: 0 USD
Floating P/L: 0 USD

Best regards,
Accounts Department

Can't you see forexpeacearmy "Bonus Type" and show us your brilliancy in letting us understand how an account gets more than one bonus program??? in what world are you living, even the newbie traders know that's impossible.
Hey this is a trading account forexpeacearmy not your login area account, you know the difference??
You can have many trading accounts of different bonuses but not one trading account of many bonuses, got it!!!!?

This made my day "persuaded": Great, let hotforex to say that I did that then give proof on it.
In devil view- supposedly client asked for more bonus, does that make the broker to violate the contract for it.

I can't believe that forexpeacearmy guys live in the US.

In the US, some people job is to wait for other people mistakes to file complaints against and win million of dollars from it, and always according to the LAW, any person in the world who follow such news know that.

So, ED requesting scammer hotforex to pay for losses due to breach of contract in many points is very familiar, one of points hotforex breached contract by is hotforex gave bonuses more than the allowed in hotforex bonus policy that I and hotforex signed to make business, so we agreed on that, show me any other paper that I signed that states requesting more bonus or any other program bonus??, hotforex by that excessive bonus encouraged me into trading on high risk.

I challenge forexpeacearmy to bring one evidence from its payer hotforex that i signed any paper for more bonus AND that there was more than one bonus in my account 269022 that;s the one hotforex scammed me money in

- no sane judge would accept a case that the excessive horsepower removed my ability to drive at a legal and reasonable speed.

Again, offbase comment by forexpeacearmy, what does that example have to do with my case?, also there's no comparison between broker case and car case, forexpeacearmy again attaching useless examples to try to lower the importance of my case against scammer hotforex.
I show legal examples related to my case while forexpeacearmy have no excuses for defending scammer hotforex but talk about car cases as if it's similar to mine.

After forexpeacearmy know the legal role of police station- attorney- court judge, only then you can hold complainants cases, until then all forexpeacearmy decisions in scam cases are empty of any legal value, just useless arguments on a forum then the forum's moderator raises the case or not to a fancy court depending on if the broker accused is a forexpeacearmy advertising broker or not.
There was one piece of evidence which was asked for very soon. That evidence could have proven your case. You refused to provide it. If you can't understand Pharaoh's analogy of speed vs. leverage, I recommend you never use leverage again.

All evidence you showed indicated your personal mishandling of leverage led to a margin call. Since you cannot accept this and fight back only with unsupported allegations, I see no reason for this thread to continue. If you change your mind and agree to present the evidence, the Contact Us link is waiting on the bottom of this page. This thread is now locked.

Since you do not like how the FPA has handled your issue, I wish you the best of luck getting it resolved through other channels.
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