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Rob Lee

A company called SG & MC Limited, also known as The golden Insight Group also known as Teach and Trade owe ex-employees and clients money.

In reaction to legal action they have simply not answered letters or phone calls. The last name is their re-branding attempt to hide.

They are currently advertising courses in Bank Street Canary Wharf under their new name of Teach and Trade.
Aims School

Rob Lee, was fired from working at The Goldeninsight Group due to arriving at work late on numerous times and due to clients not been satisfied. He was also fired due to trading other peoples money without an FSA licence and Which we are the Goldeninsight Group have proof of this.

To give you an idea about our business, The Teach and Trade Brand is a product of The Goldeninsight Group that allows people to learn to trade for under £100, we still continue to do mentors and support our clients in learning how to trade check out The Golden Insight Group - Home or Teach and Trade Event 2010 brought to you by The Golden Insight Group

Kind Regards

P.S i love all the effort rob lee is going to tell people about our great business they say there is no such thing as bad press there is just press!:)
Sophie you should check out both threads on You may change your mind on the "any press is good press" mentality.

Only two things

1. Canary Wharf Tower is the most guarded place in London, security logs of which I have a copy clearly shows that I entered the building and floor long before my contracted start time.

2. FSA compliance is required for UK resident/Clients or a UK based asset management company, I have neither, you really need to check your facts before commenting.
Domain for

No domain...just check here at Forex Peace Army under section "Forex Scams".
Rob Lee

I Know Rob Lee And He Is not A Forex Scammer! He Is Honest, He Does Not Steal Money From Employers Like Other Companies! He Was Never Late At His Job! I Worked For The Golden Insight Group, They Never Paid Me For November And December 2009 And They Took From Me 2000 Pounds To Pay The Rent for the OFFICE And They Never Gave It Back To Me! The Only Solution To Stop Companies Like Them Is To Go At Metropolitan Police And To Report Them At Scammer Organizations!


Sophie Gold - If I Was In Your Situation I Would Never Have The Courage To Speak Bad About Employees Who Worked For You And You Never Paid. I worked there and i know how it was the situation!

If You Know Someone Who Was Scammed By The Company In Last Two Years Try To Be In Contact With Us And To Follow All Legal Steps To Recover The Money!

You can Report any Scam or Fraud here:

Metropolitan Police Service - Fraud Alert
City of London Police - Redirection
Fraud Alert - UK Data can help you spot and prevent potential fraud
Reporting tax fraud : Directgov - Money, tax and benefits
The Fraud Advisory Panel - Fraud and You - Reporting Fraud
Home | SFO - Serious Fraud Office
How to Report a Scam
Scams  - The Office of Fair Trading
Scamnesty 1-26 February | Don't let them con you!
Report benefit fraud : Directgov - Do it online
Reporting Fraud Victim Scams to Government Law Enforcement Agencies
Metropolitan Police Service - Film Unit
Fraud | Home Office
Spam Links - spam reporting addresses

Robert Michael
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Hard Times...

Hi everyone..

I just wanted to say that Im still here looking for a job. Crazyness has gone on and i'm pretty much a victim of it really. I just want a job!

Ideally i would like a trading job but im open to doing admin, HR, or any office work. Im not great at sales unfortunately but anyone of these, i can do with my eyes closed and i'm sure i'll do it exceptionally well to employers standards.

Im still on my way towards becoming a trader (maybe a long way) and I aint stopping even being out of work. Iv always wanted to be a trader, my passion carries me a long way! I dont wanna go on no courses or seminars, I just want/need a job 1st!

So If your looking for a hungry, enthusiastic, smart, hard working person, whose good with numbers, has a degree in Maths, economics and finance and has a little trading experience.. PICK ME!! lol.

Hope everyone is good =)
This is a very strange thread is it not? I don't think anyone comes out of it smelling to good.

Mr Rob Lee starts off warning us about a previous employer of his, he has even started legal preceedings against The Golden Insight Group run by a Sophie Gold. His accusation I find a bit thin on content and proof, I hope he gave more to his lawyer. A very quick internet search brings up the company and the lady involved. They run cheap training courses in trading and by the looks of things will try and flog you some Metastock software to make up the difference, (that's just a cynical guess).

Then the response from Miss Gold, which turns out to be more of an advert than anything else no such thing as bad press for her, accusing Mr Lee of being late and trading other peoples money without authorisation, she has proof also apparently.
Mr Lee comes back at her with only two points, he has proof that he wasn't late due to some high security logs, and something about FSA compliance. Not sure if he means FSA registered persons or what.
So then in comes robert michael, he also is an ex employee of this company. I can only presume he was sacked for his typing skills. I mean who puts capitals at the start of every word but then uses lower case for his name? anyway he's owed a lot of money too, he even generously paid his employers office rent.... and in Canary Wharf trust me that ain't cheap. Who the hell gives their boss £2000 to pay the rent? anyway he then kindly gives us a list of 15 internet addresses where we can report pretty much any fraud we come across, including spam.... thanks Bob.

But we're not finished yet, lets not forget Tony. He's fallen on hard times but seems happy enough, by the way he's looking for work if you've got any going. There seems to be a couple of places going at Sophies office Tony, give her a ring, she's probably up to her neck in it right about now.
Raza, needs help with some scumbag ripping off him and his mates. Raza, you need to start a thread of your own here : Scam Alerts Folder - Forex Peace Army Forum

I mean come on, if your going to bring your fight into a public forum you've got to get it together a bit more than this pile of bullsh!t.

Mr Lee you seem to be now running another company doing exactly the same thing as your previous employer, and not only that but your based in the same London Canary Wharf.