Golden Insight Group,, - Uk Warning

I have recently found this thread. I have been battling to post here or not. I now feel that its best if the truth is out there. I wish i had found this post when i met Sophie Gold!

I met Sophie Gold in 2010, attended her weekend forex seminars then. Later in 2011 we met again at a group meeting which was held regularly at BROWNS just off Bond street. About 10-12 of her forex students would show up and we would discuss and get to know each other. I wish i had taken their contact numbers then :(

Anyway, at some point in 2011 she suggested that she can trade on my behalf. I was happy that this could be done. I ended up giving her £15,000 over 6 months so that she can make profit for me. She would send me an excel statement each month. By the end of first 12 months , the amount in the account had more than doubled.

Then in April 2012 ( i think it was around her birthday), she simply just stopped returning my calls and emails. Next thing i know that she is in New York, the GOLD market had crashed around then as well.

I managed to get hold of her over the phone a few months later. She told me that three people in her family had died and she was not doing well. She promised to call me later. I have not heard from her since then.
She has also blocked me on Linkedin and twitter.

I tried to get a lawyer in the US to look into it, but it was not worth it. I would end up spending more money on legal fee.

Sophie Gold has completely erased her trading history from her linkedin profile. Became founder of a creative production company and currently is on a new venture...or should i call it a new scam :)

Anyway its all bygones now.

If anyone who knew Sophie Gold would like to get in touch , then please feel free to.