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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: Originally I was assigned to this broker by signing up for a trading software. I was, however, not initially allowed access to this software until I had spoken with an account manager named Jennifer Harbon (probably not real name) who insisted that I, instead of €250, deposited €2500 in order to trade "properly". I did, and didn't loose immediately while trading small. Afer a while I was contacted by a new broker named Dave Green (probably not real name) who wanted me to trade €6000 on the NFP data, insisting that I should try to borrow the money since I didn't have that money in my account. Luckily I didn't fall for his tactics although he was rather persuasive. Instead I traded small, luckily, because he was giving me opposite signals, loosing all trades but one. What catastrophe it could have been if I had traded €1000 on each of the six curency pairs. Instead of loosing €5000 I just lost €500. While becoming a bit uneasy of the whole thing, I started to withdraw funds, and placing some small trades based on signals from elsewhere, and when the last trade ended, I had almost restored my balance, loosing, in total, just around €100. I decided to pull out.

Withdrawal process:
On March 7 I requested to withdraw €1000 from my account. They responded by thanking me for the request. The day after, on March 8, another person than me, i.e. a broker, probably Dave Green, placed trades without my approval. I wrote them an email showing my disapproval. A week later I was approached by a more "senior" broker, who tried to convince me into trading more. When I didn't want to, I discovered later that the password for logging in had been changed. I managed to reset my password, and on March 22 I made another withdrawal request, to which they didn't even respond at all. After several failed attempts from various representatives, trying to persuade me into placing more trades, I made one last withdrawal request on April 16, which they confirmed to have received on April 18. I have sent several emails and messages, and I've also tried to reach them on the phone, without success. They actually hung up, and when I tried to call again, I was placed on permanent hold. After 51 minutes, I gave up.

I have never received any bonus, and the company has previously confirmed they have received all requested documents in order for the account to be verified. I do not claim any refund for the rather moderate loss I have experienced. I am aware of the risks of trading. I merely claim the remaining part of the money I deposited, which they are refusing to refund.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by SBnor on 04/28/16

The company was first contacted about the issue on 04/17/16 the last contact was on 04/28/16

Details: No replies, other than aggressive brokers, offering to refund €250 (10% of my balance) but only if I continue trading.

Company representatives' emails: Jennifer Harbon <>
Dave Green <>
Steve Anderson <>
UK Options Finance <>
UK Options Support <>



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Please send a link to your Scam Alerts thread to all the addresses you listed. May sure it's the Scam Alerts thread and not this thread. They can't see this thread yet.

Post an update here and in Scam Alerts when you are done.
I've just sent the formal FPA invitation. Please post an update here on Thursday to let me know if you've heard from them.
I was contacted on Thursday, by yet another broker from UK Options. As he, apparently, did not know about the case I had opened against them, or pretended to not know, I informed him, in a polite manner, of why I would not trade. He said that he should talk to the finance division, but could not promise anything, i.e. not promise that I would get my own deposited money back. And, of course, as expected, there has been no movement in the case after that phone conversation.
UK is a breeding ground of scammers using the same tactics to rob people their hard earned cash. Privilege did the same to me.Unfortunately on my side they were not exposed and are going on ripping off people.
UK is a breeding ground of scammers using the same tactics to rob people their hard earned cash.

Chance are, the UK of UK Options is nothing more than a virtual office. Before the CFTC cracked down, a lot of highly questionable forex and binary brokers claimed US offices.
This "" has a bad policy of never honoring legitimate withdrawal requests. This is typical of these offline gambling boiler room sweat shops, which are about useless as a fake one armed bandit.
You would be better off to go to Las Vegas, at least you can get some free drinks.