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8 July 2016
Greetings. I've been ripped off by UK Options in London. If you know of anyone who also invested with them, please contact me or send this message to them. I am forming a group to legally challenge UK Options using a Class Action suit and we need as many people in it as possible. Please reply to his post with your contact details and I'll be in touch. There is strength in our collective voice. Singly we are relatively powerless, but united we can bring them to justice.
Email me on:
Thanks – Dharan
New Zealand
they have done simil;ar things to me claiming bonus not met amount of trades they are guilty of fraud

Hi SBnor. It is good you have responded to this post. I have formed a group who are working with UK legal advisers to successfully retrieve our funds. Would you like to join us? The more of us involved the more powerful our voice is, and the more likely we will be successful against these thieves. Please email me at:
UK Options have a 30 day Withdrawal policy - meaning you can't make a first Withdrawal until after 30 days have elapsed. You sign up to a Trading Program and they phone you instantly before you ever see their Terms and Conditions. Then when I tried withdrawing my Deposit after the 30 days they hadn't bothered to process it after about a week. I noticed this every time I logged on to the site - so eventually spoke to the FCA, the Gambling Commission and even the US Embassy (they are based in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific).

I phoned UK Options reminding them of my Withdrawal request - they asked if my Account had been verified - which it has to have been before anything happens with it - and my request was finally honoured. Not sure whether there was dishonesty involved here or just incompetence, but maybe anyone having problems with them should do what I did.

As for the Competence of some of these Brokers - when asked what the British European Referendum would mean for the Markets someone from another Company couldn't - or wouldn't - tell me. Tell this to anyone who had any Put Options of the £ on June 24th!!!!!