How the FPA Handles Legal Threats

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How the FPA Handles Legal Threats

Did someone say something bad about your company in the FPA's forums or reviews? If so, doesn't a quick lawsuit threat against the FPA sound like a simple way to make all those bad postings go away? Think again.

Every month, the FPA typically gets anywhere from 1 to 3 legal threats. In today's society, too many people threaten to sue first and think second. A person, even a lawyer, who doesn't possess all the facts may think that a lawsuit threat is the quickest way to get rid of all negative postings about a company.

Take a moment to think about this. If it was that easy, why are there any negative reviews and forums posts at the FPA or anywhere else? Why aren't all negative comments about every company that can write a threat deleted immediately from every website?

It's very simple. If the FPA or any other legitimate forum or review site bowed to that kind of legal blackmail, the worst scam companies could have perfect ratings. All they would have to do is send a lawsuit threat and all the complaints would disappear. Next, some people who trust the FPA's reviews and forums would sign up with those bad companies based on not seeing the truth at the FPA. Then those people could could try to sue the FPA for hiding the bad information.

The FPA was created to protect traders against scams and to provide the most honest reviews possible. If I or anyone else here buckled every time someone said “Make that bad post go away or I'll sue!”, the whole site would quickly become worthless.

There is a right way and a wrong way to approach negative information about your company on the FPA's website. The right way is to leave replies in the forums and reviews. If you think the person posting isn't a client, there's a “Contact Us” link at the bottom of every review and forums page. Use it and let's discuss the situation in a civilized manner. Yes, some fake reviews can slip through. Work with the FPA and we can try to see if it's really a competitor or not.

The wrong way is to think that a threat will work. “Obey me. Remove everything negative about me and my company from your website now and make sure that nothing bad is ever posted again or I'll sue you” is not going to help. That approach will do nothing other than bring shame and discredit on you and your company.

If you see something on the website that's really illegal, let us know. If someone posted a pirated item or links to pirate sites, notify the FPA. If someone is asking traders to burn down your company, notify the FPA. If someone really libeled you, notify the FPA. If someone is reposting your copyrighted text, notify the FPA. Look through the FPA Primary FAQ for information about reporting situations like this. Lay out the facts and someone here will see what can be done about the situation.

Here is what can happen if you make a legal threat against the FPA:

1. An article will be posted to put your threat on public display, along with commentary on it.

2. A note about the incident, links to the material you want removed, and a link to the article will be put on your company's review page.

3. A mailing will be sent to the FPA's membership inviting them to come read the article.

4. A copy of your threat and all relevant links will be sent to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Chilling Effects.

5. Other forex review and forums sites will be notified of your actions.

The FPA does not negotiate with companies while under legal threat. Once you make a threat, the only way to have negotiations with the FPA is to permanently and irrevocably rescind your threat.

If you really think that the FPA won't publicize a legal threat, you are mistaken. Here are some examples...

If you still want to waste your time threatening the FPA with a lawsuit, CLICK HERE.

If you want to try to resolve an issue over something the FPA wrote in a civilized fashion, CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for access to the FPA's Primary FAQ
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