is a big SCAM!!!


I opened an account at on 8/2/2013
I deposit 200 USD and I got an email from them

then I asked for a withdrawal on 9/10/2013

they replied that they wanted documents I sent them everything . and then they told me it will take 14 days .

till now almost 1 year I did not get my money back

I got scammed. please help me
Thank you
Hello mygeniustube

1) Did they ever get around to verifying your account.
2) can you still get into your account.
3) Can you post your account number here.
4) Can you give us (the members/guests) more details about your issues, so we can try and advise you on your best option to try and resolve it.

The next step you need to do, is send the broker and invite to this thread to discuss the matter. Email:

After you do this, try to upload as much information as possible, that you might think will benefit your case.

Good luck