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A few weeks ago I got a message from the Mod if I would like to make an intensive Review on a new Trading Platform.
I didn't need to think much to give a positive answer, because I enjoy trading Forex more than anything else!

This review had to start a few weeks ago actually, but because we were setting up the 4Xangels during the past few weeks, I had to delay this review. I apologize to the people of cTrader for the long delay. They were very understanding and cooperative towards me and I would like to thank them for that.

In the beginning I thought to make a long review and post it, but after second thoughts I decided it wouldn't be the ideal for presenting the Platform.

I have made a lot of preparations and exchanged many emails with the Rep of the platform developer. He will join this thread to make sure that any questions I might not be in a position to answer will be answered by him and his team.

I will present the platform in a structure so that it will be easier for the members to follow and hopefully some members will get interested and give some feedback or post questions about specific functions of the platform during the presentation. This will make the presentation much more interesting and it will be most helpful for the team of cTrader, because they want to make their platform as attractive as possible for the traders.

At the moment, cTrader is only available from FxPro, but hopefully more brokers will get interested in offering this platform after this review!
You can download a Demo Version here:


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xTradrer = cTrader

A small note regarding the name:

Just in case some of you have heard of a Platform called xTrader a few weeks ago, it is actually the same Platform and now it's got the name that the developers wanted to name it in the first place.


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User friendly looks and functions

The first impression is always the strongest one and I am sure that the first impression any of you will get from this platform will definitely be positive.
The cTrader looks and is very user friendly. Depending on which platform you are used to, it will take just a few hours to get to know the cTrader.

In the beginning, a trader would get the impression, that there are not so many functions available on the platform, but after working with it, you will realize that there are not so many things a trader would miss. I will mention the features I missed at a later stage.

I am glad that the second version was released a few days ago with many additions. There are really many important additions that a trader gets to see. This tells me that the developers are really very flexible and are looking forward to get any feedback from the traders, in order to make it almost "custom made"!

I am sure that many of you experienced many updates on the platform you are using, which ever it is. Have you even noticed any real change???

The "one click" execution is one of the most useful functions of the platform. Mainly for scalpers, but also for any forex trader, you need to get in the trade when you think it's the right time without losing any second clicking around! The same goes for closing a position of course.

In my next post, I will go into a more detailed description of the different functions.


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Looks promising. A price chart like the non-graphical trading platforms, plus a candle chart that looks very much like MT4. How's the selection of indicators?


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Wide Selection of Indicators

Well, thanks for asking Pharaoh

As a matter of fact, this was the next issue I was planning to write about. The platform offers a wide selection of Standard Indicators as follow:
  1. Accumulative Swing Index
  2. Aroon
  3. Directional Movement System
  4. Exponential Moving Average
  5. Parabolic SAR
  6. Simple Moving Average
  7. Time Series Moving Average
  8. Triangular Moving Average
  9. Weighted Moving Average
  10. Welles Wilder Smoothing
  1. Stochastic
  2. MACD
  3. Commodity Channel Index
  4. Detrended Price Oscillator
  5. Linear Regression R square
  6. Linear Regression Slope
  7. Mass Index
  8. Momentum
  9. Price Oscillator
  10. Price ROC
  11. Rainbow Oscillator
  12. RSI
  13. Trix
  14. Ultimate Oscillator
  15. Vertical Horizontal Filter
  16. Williams %R
  1. Bolinger Bands
  2. Chaikin Volatility
  3. Fractal Chaos Band
  4. High Low Bands
  5. Historical Volatility
  6. Linear Regression Intercept
  7. Linear Regression Forecast
  8. Standard Deviation
  9. True Range
  1. High Minus Low
  2. Median
  3. Performance Index
  4. Swing Index
  5. Typical price
  6. Vidya
  7. Weighted Close
  8. Williams Accumulation Distribution

As I mentioned before, the developer's team is very flexible and I am sure that they will keep adding features and functions to the platform!

cTrader Representative

I represent cTrader platform in this forum. I will gladly answer your questions and help you out with anything that might come up. Don't be shy to address me via this topic or by PM.

f-man, thank You for the ongoing review.

cTrader team


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2014 update: I'm only writing here, because in March 2014 this thread came out prominently in a search I did on the site for fxpro. and after seeing links to 3 more brokers above that offer cTrader, I thought it important to add my 5 cents worth. One of the brokers' website is out of commission, one is in the wild wild east (russia) where you don't stand a hope in hell of getting anything in their corrupt legal system, and the other doesn't even seem to be regulated (as far as I could gather from their amateurish website - but that might just be the website layout that I have trouble getting information from).

I've been using cTrader with a broker in Australia called ThinkForex, and they seem to be a very good broker.
So far, they have the tightest spreads I've seen anywhere, I have not experienced any slippage or requotes, and trades are executed instantaneously (that may be explained by the fact that they are linked in directly with citibank through which passes a significant portion of the entire forex market (they are in the top 10 largest banks/liquidity providers of the forex market). I'm not here to plug them - just saying that there is a good one that uses this very good trading platform.

cTrader has evolved significantly, since I've started using it last fall. They are steadily adding features and refinements.
I don't think it is possible to come up with a more user-friendly platform than cTrader, especially if you are comparing it to MT.
On the negative side, and this isn't their fault, you won't get Autochartist for the cTrader platform (mind you, at time of this writing, Autochartist doesn't support MT5 either). However, I do hope that cTrader soon has something similar to Autochartist, because 1) it is truly useful and b) autochartist is still perfectible - nothing that some healthy competition can't provoke a cure for.

I mention Autochartist, because it is definitely something that is nice to have, if you still trade on MT4. It will take the gruntwork out of doing all the line drawing, and allow you to jump into analysis much faster. It will identify formations, key levels, and fibinacci retracements. Some brokers have purchased a site license, so they can offer it free of charge to their clients. There are a few similar tools offered by other brokers as well, but they are rare and far between.
It's a pity that it appears that brokers can b-book + slow down your execution as it suits them with this platform as they could with mt4. Had this with 3 different brokers now.
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