Justforex usurp 900,000$ from Vietnamese Clients

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Got some important information.
Went to my local police department last week and showed them official reply from St.Vincent that there is no such company as JF Global registered with them currently.
According to the law, that means you can start a legal process against the concrete people working for Justforex.
Just collect Names and Family names of you managers and any other people saying they work for Justforex and go to your local police department. This is simply a criminal scam group, the data would be collected and send to interpol. Best way is to start with the your national names, cause they can reside in your local country as well.


@Sangtruong @The Punisher
I suspect Jutforex is withholding money to recover all the IB commissions and fees they paid out you Santruong for the fraudulent IB program you have set up.

Hedging is allowed for most brokers, but that was not the main point of the situation.

The whole situation is that you obtained IB faudantly, and you are either trading behalf of your clients, accepting their funds behalf of them, have access to trading profile on justforex basically you have full autonomy on the 70 accounts, which is illegal.

So their losses may not be from the profits you made but all the commissions they paid out to you as an IB.
And any profits you made could pentially be illegal because the whole IB of you shuld not be accpted had you been honest through out the process.

And Justforex can not share private information on a public forum @The Punisher that is illegal too, so they would not share those documents.

Take it to court is the only way.


no more update?

FPA Forums Team Note: We asked the Review Moderators to check on the claim that JustForex doesn't have a registration with the SVG-FSA. They looked on JustForex's homepage and saw that the claimed registration is #23993 under GM Group Limited. They checked on SVGFSA.com and this is a valid registration.


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