Lionstone didn't process my withdrawal for more than 2 months


Both my friend Terry and I cannot withdraw from Lionstone, and they simply do not reply any email about the withdrawal status.

Here's my case:

25 Jan 2015
I made deposit of USD 5000 through bank wire.

18 Feb 2015
I requested withdrawal of USD 3000.

03 Mar 2015
It has been 10 working days, I still cannot receive anything from Lionstone. According to the company’s policy, withdrawal should be made 5-10 workings day.

20 Mar 2015
I was informed that my ID document was under checking in their security department and the withdrawal was not processed yet. The sales manager asked me to contact for details.

20 Apr 2015
Until now, no matter how many emails I sent to the dispute or backoffice, they just ignored me and did not reply at all.


Here's my friend Terry's case:

04 Feb 2015
Terry made deposit of USD 5000 through bank wire.

09 Mar 2015
Terry requested withdrawal of USD 4000.

20 Apr 2015
So far Terry has sent them 13 emails asking about the withdrawal, but they have never replied.


Can anybody help me resolve the issues? I really appreciate your help!
My help could be more effective if you were depositing through a credit card.

Send an an invitation through an email or chat to Lionstone so they can join this thread, and I suggest you to open a traders' court case Forex Scam Resolution and Trader's Money Recovery

Unfortunately I deposit through bank wire. Why there would be any advantage by using credit card?

I've sent many emails to lionstone but they just do not reply me. Is there any effective way to ask them to join this thread??
Depositing by credit card at least gives you some chance of initiating a chargeback of your initial deposit if a broker decides to not pay.

Contact the police and financial regulators in HK. Ask them if they have a place to report online financial fraud. If you can find one, please post a link here.