Can any one share their experience with, who claims to pay 10% per week for a deposit of 48 weeks. and they have also

please share your feed back about the company, if any body have.


Simple. 10% per week, each and every week, is impossible.

It's a HYIP. Read this:

Still don't believe? Let's do some math.

10% per week compounded would turn $1 into $129.13 after 1 year. Let's subtract the initial dollar and round off 12,800% growth per year.

Now think about President Obama. He certainly has the resources at his disposal to find out if any programs making a claim like this are real or not. All he'd have needed to do is invest $1 of federal money shortly after taking office. 7 years later, he'd have over $562 Trillion dollars. He could pay off the national debt of every country in the world and have enough left over to permanently end all taxation in another year or two. He'd be declared king of the world. Then the US wouldn't be wasting more time on presidential elections. An amazing era of peace an prosperity unheard of would be ushered in. For some reason, it hasn't happened.

So, do you still want to invest in this simple path to unlimited wealth?


10% per week is already a hint that this company is scam. Investment scams promise shortcut to economic recovery. There are hundreds of high return/low risk investment scams now parading in front of hungry investors. The growth in spam, bogus websites and “boiler room” email marketers presents seemingly mouthwatering investment prospects every day — like “guaranteed” double digit returns and the promise that “you can’t lose.”